Be A Smart Online Consumer


When you shop online, make sure you are smart about the whole purchasing process. Know who you are dealing with, know what you are buying, be confident you will get what you have paid for and ensure that your account and credit card details are being dealt with securely.

There are many advantages to shop online. You can shop anytime, be worry free about parking and your purchases are delivered to your doorstep! Online auctions can be a lot of fun as it helps you to find plenty of good deals. However, there are some online traps to watch out for. Use your common sense and follow strictly some simple steps to ensure your online shopping is safe and fun.


Use Your Common Sense And Trust Your Instincts

Most shoppers know the warning signs to watch out for when buying something in a shop. The same applies to shopping online.


Be cautious if:
–      the website looks suspicious or unprofessional.
–      the website is offering bargains which look too good to be true, they often are, or.
–      you are not confident about how your information is used or that you will get what you pay for.

Before making the purchase:
–      know who you are dealing with, check if the contact details are correct.
–      know what you are buying, read descriptions of products carefully – check the size, color, value and safety of the product.
–      read all the fine print including refund and complaint handling policies.
–      check the currency, postage handling as well as other charges – there may be extra charges you aren’t aware of.
–      check the final payable amount before paying.

Making payment:
–      use only secure payment methods such as MOLPay, PayPal or iPay88. Avoid direct money transfer as it is prone to abuse.
–      never send your bank or credit card details via e-mail, only via secure web page.
–      always print and keep a copy of all transactions.


Online Shopping Money Saving Tips

Do some comparison on different online stores to ensure you are buying from a reliable or reputable online retailer.

Use a promo or coupon code – If you are looking to save money online, it’s all about promos and coupon codes. The good news is that if a coupon code exists for your favorite store, you can find it online rather easily. Simply do a Google search using the name of the store plus the phrase “coupon code”. You may get lucky and find a coupon code right away and be on your way to save some money.

Avoid those pesky shipping charges – Coupon or promo codes might get you free shipping. If the retailer offers free shipping, it is usually clearly visible on its homepage. Retailers know customers don’t want to pay for shipping when shopping online so more and more are offering this little perk. If you purchase frequently with one or more retailers, they would often send you exclusive free shipping offers via e-mail or mail.

Negotiate – Believe it or not, you can save 5% to 25% off your purchases, with perhaps free shipping thrown in, by simply negotiating. When shopping online, select your purchases and before you proceed for checkout, look for a “chat” or “live help” button. It will open a chat session with a customer service representative. Ask if they are offering any discounts or free shipping. Although there is no guarantee this will work every single time, you may be surprised at the good discounts you get especially if they know you can get the same things from a competitor.

Get on retailers’ e-mail lists for money saving – A retailer’s mailing list is one of their best assets and they treat assets very well. By being on a retailer’s mailing list you will be the first to know about exclusive sales, good deals and money saving offers including coupons. You’ll also get exclusive offers by mail, however please be selective about the mailing lists you join, and know that you can always unsubscribe for any reason.

Follow your favorite retailers on Facebook or Twitter – Keeping in touch with your favorite retailers on social media such as Facebook and Twitter can save you money. Retailers love their Facebook fans and their Twitter followers and will always go the extra mile to gather and retain them by offering exclusive money saving coupons and promo codes.


Going to shop online NOW?

Let’s face it, in this tough economy we need to find creative ways to save money on the things we want and need. We wish that these tips can help you get more with less money. On a side note, we highly recommend you to pay merchants a visit in conjunction with the World Consumer Day campaign, to reward yourself with countless amazing deals! 😀


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