eCommerceFest 2021 – Coming Back with Online Series


In today’s digital age, eCommerce has become the norm. However, due to the competitive nature of eCommerce, the key to success is not only about offering good products. 

Having the right strategy and solutions is equally important. 

Wish to learn the right strategy and solutions for your eCommerce business? 

Join us at the upcoming eCommerceFest 2021! 

This 3-day event will dish out the nuggets of wisdom on eCommerce business and help you run your online business successfully. 

A 3-Day Event That Spreads Across 3 Weeks! 

Doze off during long-hour webinars? Don’t worry! This year’s eCommerceFest is going to be different. The 3-Day Event will Spread Across 3 Weeks (one day for each week)!

Guess what ? Admission is FREE !

Join us with zero cost to learn valuable insights to run your eCommerce business!

Event details: 

  • Date: 15 June 2021 – Series #1:eCommerce Success Stories & Insights

                     22 June 2021 – Series #2: eCommerce Trends

                     29 June 2021 – Series #3: eCommerce Strategies & Growth

  • Time: 10:00am – 12.00pm
  • Venue: Zoom 

Numerous successful local eCommerce entrepreneurs will be there to share their experience and provide you with insightful information! 

Speakers that are invited to eCommerceFest 2021 to share their insight about eCommerce business !
The moderator, Wintson Tham, Business Development, Exabytes, the panelists, Kim May Chee, Founder, Cocodry and Edmund Tan, Founder, Inside Scoop. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, Kim May Chee and Edmund Tan will be sharing on how their eCommerce journey success in Malaysia.
The moderator, Salman Ahmad, Assistant Manager, E-Commerce Division, Sidec, the panelists, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Executive Chairman, Commerce DotAsia Ventures Sdn Bhd and Song Hock Koon, Director of eCommerce, MDEC. This session will discuss what are the key challenges of the next stage for eCommerce in Malaysia, as well as the opportunities created within the industry.
The Moderator, Samantha Tong, Chapter Lead of Google Business Group (GBG), the panelists, Sumit Ramchandani, CEO, AirAsia Media Group and Christopher Lowe, Regional Head of Partner Success, Insider. In this interesting session is going to discuss the key elements of designing the personalization strategies to provide good customer experience.
The moderator, Calvin Yeap, Chief Marketing Officer, IOUpay, the panelists, Lim Ben-Jie, Head of e-Commerce, airasia super app, Tang Siew Wai, Country Manager at Carousell Malaysia and Vivienne Chin Ee Kwan, Head of SME Banking Business Development and Marketing, CIMB. This session will discuss the current trends in Malaysia, how an eCommerce merchant can leverage the trends and create more opportunities in Malaysia

and many more upcoming!

How to Register? 

Can’t wait to join? Let me guide you on how to register ! 

Step 1: Click in the link: and you will be directed to the website of eCommerceFest 2021. Hit on the REGISTER NOW button to join the event.

Step 2: After that, you will be directed to your cart and you may press on Proceed to Checkout button.

Step 3: Now we have come to the last step ! Fill in your information and click on the Place order button to complete your registration.

After you succeed to register eCommerceFest 2021, you will receive an email from Exabytes Events. The content of the email will show you the date and time of the event as below:

Notice: Due to the Zoom default setting,  the start date for each event day was shown June 15, 2021. However, the actual date for the event is June 15, 2021 (Day 1), June 22, 2021 (Day 2) and June 29, 2021 (Day 3).

Mark your calendar and join with us on this 3-Day event! Let’s take your eCommerce business to success!

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