AWEWE Returns To Support 1,000 Women Entrepreneurs #WomenWeCan


AWEWE 2023

Exabytes Announces 3rd Women Entrepreneurship Conference

AWEWE 2023 returns to introduce the Digital Toolkit to help women entrepreneurs expand their business market online #WomenWeCan

PENANG, 20 March 2023 – Exabytes, Southeast Asia’s leading All-in-one Business, Cloud, Digital and Ecommerce solutions provider will be hosting its third instalment of the Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes (AWEWE) 2023, in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2023.

Supported by the Penang State Government

This year, the year-long campaign – supported by the Penang State EXCO for Social Development and Non-Islamic Affairs, YB Chong Eng – will be focusing on helping women entrepreneurs to build and strengthen their digital skills capabilities, familiarising the concept of utilising digital-enabled technologies in order to improve their efficiency, support business digitalisation for women entrepreneurs and broaden their market access online via the Exabytes Digital Toolkit, which is valued at RM10,000 each.

With over 21 years of experience powering over 160,000 businesses worldwide to grow online, Exabytes is continuing its mission to help women entrepreneurs become the best at what they do and contribute to the economy.

This year Exabytes will be launching its Digital Toolkit which will provide women entrepreneurs with free access to digital solutions, workshops, courses – featuring the products and services of Exabytes’ partners – access to co-working spaces, and even shipping conveniences to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and expand their capabilities to market their products or services by leveraging on digital technologies.

AWEWE 2023 to support 1,000 Women Entrepreneurs

The campaign, with its returning theme #WomenWeCan, aims to provide over 1,000 participating women entrepreneurs to grow and sustain their businesses online, learn additional skills and explore more possibilities in the digital space.

Exabytes and its campaign partners will run a half day conference to highlight the female role models in their careers and in life while also sharing more illuminating digitalisation insights by experts in the business and tech industries to better help women-owned companies to sustain themselves against the volatility of the economy.

The AWEWE 2023 Conference will be held in Penang and Kuala Lumpur on the 28th and 30th of March 2023 respectively.

AWEWE 2023 Conference

“This year, we want to highlight every and any obstacles that women entrepreneurs today would have to face and discuss collectively on how to get over that bump on the road. It goes without saying that with technological advancements, new challenges arise.

However, at the same time, innovative conveniences also await those that are resilient enough to master these technologies. This is why I believe that the Digital Toolkit will be able to play a significant role in the growth of women entrepreneurs of this era,” Ooi Poh Yan, VP of Business Development at Exabytes said during the press conference at Suntech Penang today. 

To further address the issues and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, Ooi revealed that there will be insightful panel discussions and engaging story sharing sessions revolving around topics such as ‘Bridging the Digital Gender Divide’ and the ‘Learning Curve for Women Entrepreneurs of this Era’, among others.

Ooi further mentioned that based on the positive feedback received from last year’s participation, this initiative has helped the women entrepreneurs to gain wider business exposure as well as boost their target market at the same time.

Similar to the previous years’ AWEWE, this year-long initiative will be open to any women in Malaysia, and Singapore.

AWEWE in its 3rd year running

Meanwhile, YB Chong Eng, who was also present at the press conference, said, “This will be Exabytes’ third instalment of the programme, and I am pleased that a homegrown company is continuously placing their efforts to help and upskill women entrepreneurs – who are undoubtedly a big contributor to the local economy.

We at the office of Penang State EXCO for Social Development and Non-Islamic Affairs, fully support any form of activities that are beneficial for the development of the people in Penang. With this initiative happening in time for this year’s International Women’s Day theme, I hope that other entities would follow suit in championing causes that are beneficial for women and the community at large.”

CIMB Bank supports as Platinum Sponsor

Victor Lee Meng Teck, Chief Executive Officer, Group Commercial Banking, CIMB Group said, “As a purpose-driven organisation, we have always championed inclusivity across all facets of our business and we are pleased to partner with Exabytes in strengthening the contribution of women to the small and medium enterprise sector, a core driver of the Malaysian economy.

The AWEWE 2023 is a strategic platform to empower more female entrepreneurs to advance their business aspirations, acting as a stepping stone in encouraging beneficial and dynamic conversations as well as knowledge exchanges amongst business owners.

This will ultimately help local women entrepreneurs to chart their next phase of growth.” CIMB Bank is the Platinum Sponsor of AWEWE 2023.

For more information on AWEWE 2023, and to check out the offerings of AWEWE 2023 Digital Toolkit, click here – 

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