Benefits of Online Backup


We all know that it is important to back up our business/computer data from time to time, but do you know that it is more advantageous to choose online backup over offline backup?

What are the advantages of online backup? Check it out.

#1 Conveniently Automated

Backing up your data regularly is not only time consuming, but requires a lot of discipline. Most online backup solutions are automated for daily or weekly scheduling to make the entire process effortless and convenient.

#2 Prevent Data Loss

Your company internal data are safer if you have online backup. Even if your PC / laptop breaks down, you can still get back all your data as long as the cloud where your backup is stored is unaffected..

#3 Share Easily When Needed

By backing up your data online, your colleagues or other members in your organization can access the online backup account anywhere and anytime (in contrast of being limited to just a single device or memory storage) as long as you share the access password with them.

#4 Safer

A local backup to a PC/laptop means that once the hardware is stolen, your data can never be recovered. In this case, backing up your data online is safer. In addition, anyone who wants to access your online backup will need the right username and password to do so.

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Oh by the way, what to do if you have accidentally deleted your messages? Here’s another online backup function that ease these frustrations by having your data recovered quickly.

You can use disk imaging to backup the entire systems in one easy step. You may also choose to backup individual files, folders and even application data. All can be restored with a just few simple clicks or taps.

Here is an example of for this function, Secondlife Cloud Backup:

Therefore, start backing up your files online today!

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