.CO – A truly Global, Recognizable and Credible domain just like .COM


You might wonder what is so special about .CO domain names? Besides being the country-code of Top Level Domain for the Republic of Colombia, today, .CO is also as good as .COM in representing a Credible and Recognizable GLOBAL BRAND. In fact, .CO is  used by many large corporations and companies such as Twitter (t.co), Bank of America Corporation (bankofamerica.co),YTL (ytl.co), etc.

why need to ue .co domain name

This is good news to companies or individuals whose favourite .COM domains are already TAKEN by others. The same domain name with .CO would probably still be available! Yes, we are talking about www.YourCompanyName.co. Is it already taken by others?

Besides, the .CO domain also represents many other meanings; it can represent Company, Corporation, Connection, Banking, and Commerce and in the case of individuals for blogs, forums, and social-networking purposes. You could refer to the below on how to tap on the benefits of .CO domain names.

Do .CO domains rank on Google search engine the same way as .COM?

Yes, of course! .CO domains, just like .COM domains, are known as generic domain extensions. Thus if your website uses a .CO domain name, it will be given the same treatment on Google search result pages.

Will it affect my Google ranking if I switch my domain to .CO?

It won’t have any effect on your website and Google search ranking. The only thing that you need to take note is make sure you implement 301 & 302 redirection appropriately.

Why are .CO domains more expensive than the .COM domain?

As .COM domains are the general domain extension and everyone knows it, it is usually sold at a low price. For .CO domains, since it’s still not so common, they look more special and  premium than other domains. The premium pricing actually targets and attracts “domain hunters” to buy them. 

We believe that if you own a company / business, you will need a credible and memorable domain for online branding. The price of a .CO domain is just right for any business. Moreover, owning it  can secure your brand name and your business identity.        

With just RM139 (Normal price: RM299), you can register NOW to PROTECT YOUR BRAND!! Unlike .COM, there are still a lot of good names left with the .CO domain extension.

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