Exabytes Spooky Spooky Halloween 2014


Date: 31 October 2014 (Friday)

Venue: Exabytes HQ, Penang (lobby)

Boooo! It’s Halloween time!

How was your Halloween? Just like last year, this was another great Halloween season for Exabees to dress up themselves in Halloween costumes!

Our Halloween theme for this year was “The MOST BIZARRE”. Exabees who appeared most bizarre would walk away with an ASUS Zenfone 5! While we were never tired to dress up in Halloween costumes and scare our colleagues around, we particularly enjoyed standing at someone’s back and calling their names. This was no joke if you dare to look at the below photo.


There were the werewolf guy, Fawkes, vampires, monsters, desperate sushi maker, leopard, and even the poisonous table




When the working hours started, all our lovely but scary “ghosts” would get back to their seats and start to work as usual. It was funny to see those scary figures sitting quietly and working seriously at their desks. In the mean time you could hear some Exabees screaming all of a sudden and incessant laughter here and there.

IMG_0604 IMG_7768 IMG_7771

Ding! Ding! Ding! It was 5.00pm annnnndddd, it meant PARTY time.



The scary atmosphere increased to max!

This year, we have organized a few games for Exabees.

With 9 persons in a group, we started games such as pumpkin carving and mummy wrapping. We were extremely glad to have full attendance for this session.

IMG_7824  IMG_7840 IMG_7828 IMG_7836 IMG_7842 IMG_7844  IMG_7829  IMG_7858

Only 45 minutes were given to us to carve a pumpkin and wrap a mummy.

When it’s done, it was SHOW TIME for a lot of us to explain in 1 minute how we came upon the idea in ‘decorating’ our masterpieces.


IMG_7890 IMG_7889 IMG_7888 IMG_7885 IMG_7878

Here are the mummies, and the winner is…..

IMG_7884 IMG_7891

The Vampire Mummy!


The winning group received a RM150 voucher for their creativity and hard work.


It’s the turn to announce the winner for pumpkin carving!

Congrats to Group 4 on receiving a RM200 voucher as a gift!


So finally, who won The Most Bizarre Costume Award?

We proudly present to you, the poisonous candy table!


Prize giving session for the Winner – A Zenfone 5!!!


The Halloween Party was wrapped up around 8pm. Although the party has ended but we would never forget our scariest moments in 2014!

Thanks for reading, peeps.

We learn, We play, We share!!


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