Success Stories: Equilibrium Solution Saw Up To 65% Growth After Digitalisation


Success Stories: Equilibrium Solution Saw Up To 65% Growth After Digitalisation

Equilibrium Solution

One of the core objectives of Exabytes’ existence is to help small and medium businesses digitise, and grow their businesses online with them.

We are always eager to hear the results of customers’, wanting to know how digitalisation has impacted their businesses. We look forward to success stories, and we take each and everyone of them seriously where we will analyse and learn from.

We spoke to Equilibrium Solution on their journey after digitising their business, and we are pleased to learn that by taking the step to digitalise, it has helped the business with immense growth in sales.

Digitalisation has also helped the business in their productivity, resulting in a cost-effective outcome from their minimal investment in digitalising.

Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Company

Equilibrium Solution is a web design and web development agency based in Penang. We can cater to complex, responsive, dynamic, engaging and profitable web designs.

We are specialised in web design and web development, and we do not use any sort of templates for all our clients’ websites. 

We build and cater our services based on our customers’ expectations and ideas. Custom designs and development are our core services, where we provide them at low and affordable prices.

We use WordPress as our primary platform and Exabytes is our central hosting company.

What was Your Purchase with Exabytes? 

We were looking to digitise our company and build an online platform for our customers to have access to information.

We also wanted to have an e-commerce website where our customers can make a purchase straightaway after browsing through our services.

To have these built up, we engaged Exabytes for web hosting, got our domains registered, and kicked off our e-commerce website with their e-commerce starter.

How Has Exabytes’ Products and Services Helped Your Business?

Since digitising our business with Exabytes, we must admit our success of seeing a high percentage of growth in our sales and productivity, with up to 65% of increase in sales.

The services we’ve received from Exabytes have been excellent, starting from the very beginning.

Though there were slight delays in some areas occasionally due to their busy schedules, all in all, we find their services excellent!

How Did You Hear About Exabytes and Are You Likely to Recommend Exabytes and Its Services to Your Family and Friends?

We got to know of Exabytes through its Founder and CEO Mr. Chan. We found that the services they offer are exactly what we needed to upgrade and digitise our business.

We have wanted to grow our business online and with the help of Exabytes, we have made things materialise. 

We will definitely pass the word on about Exabytes, and recommend their services. We are still using them as our hosting provider and things have been going well for us since we started.


Exabytes is more than happy to hear Equilibrium Solution’s success stories, having managed to achieve an increase of up to 65% in sales since their digitisation with us.

We are thankful for their honest feedback, especially on our flaws which we will definitely take note and improve on. We value all feedback, both positive and negative, as this is where we gain opportunities to learn and improve. 

We wish Equilibrium Solution all the very best, and we anticipate further growth in your business. It’s been a happy journey working together, and we look forward to more collaborations between us.