.com domain never out of style.

Do you know that out of 223 million domains registered across all TLDs (Top Level Domains), 120 million+ are .com domains? Even though many other domain extensions have been made available over the years, .com is still the most popular choice.

Here are some reasons why .com domains are the hottest on the market:

#1 Reputation

.com domains have historically been the most used domains of all TLDs. Other than that, it has also been the most respected and trusted TLD until today. Regardless of the types and nature of business/brand, majority of businesses and individuals still prefer .com domains.

#2 Easy to Remember

You have to admit it, when it comes to domain names, many tend to think of www.domain.com first before other extensions. Thus.com domains are able to create a stronger impression!

Are you worried that you customers/web visitors won’t remember you domain name? With a .com domain, it’s easier for them to remember!

#3 Good for SEO

Well, when it comes to online business, SEO optimization is always crucial. .COM domains usually do relatively well in this regard. Numerous experts have said that having a .COM domain does help in SEO.


Now officially the best time to grab! You may visit HERE for more information.

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Happy domain shopping!

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