The Smart Way to Manage Multiple WordPress with Plesk!


Fruitful Plesk In-house Training

We are glad to have Patricia, Director of Business Development Global Channels from Plesk to provide internal training towards our marketing, sales, customer service and web designer team to improve and update the knowledge on Plesk Obsidian and how this new major release address customer challenges especially with intelligence and an enhanced user experience.

Plesk has recently announced the major release “Plesk Obsidian”. Plesk Obsidian is your powerful Server, Website and WordPress Management Platform and coms with more integrated security, a modern and state of the art webstack and enhanced user experience for web projects of any size.The main benefits of Plesk Obsidian? It helps developers to enhance their website performance, manage caching, smart update features, staging and backup functions and much more.

Why WordPress?

Almost 34.6% of all websites on the web today use WordPress. If this figure doesn’t convince you, here are more reasons to use WordPress!

WordPress user can manage and download plugin or themes with WordPress Toolkit which is not only suitable for beginner but also a plus for users of all skill levels. Plesk WordPress Toolkit is a Fast, Smart, and Secure tool for your WordPress Management. Some brand-new functions were also introduced, namely Plesk Remote Management and Standalone WordPress Toolkit. WordPress Kickstarts your project with the best fit managed WordPress hosting. So, Start your WordPress website/blog/magazine today with our help!

Let’s look at the quick wrap-up we have created of the day’s topics, along with some key tips and takeaways from Patricia.

  • Understand Client’s needs
  • Take them seriously
  • Tell the product’s value
  • Personalize your brand’s vision and mission

As a conclusion, understand what your customers are looking for and provide a suitable service to them with support and advice. At the same time, bundle the cloud services to customers as a value addon. It depends on how you position your services to the client and meeting what they really want from your services.

So, What’s coming next?

To learn more about WordPress, join our upcoming WordPress Workshop! Hope to see you soon!

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