Domain Name Interesting Facts that You Must Know

Domain Name Interesting Facts That You Must Know

According to, over an approximate of 3.1 million domain names are being registered up till 2014.

By checking the Internet Statistics on WHOIS, you can check out how many domains are registered or deleted each day. We can’t deny that the internet is growing and becoming huge at a rapid pace.

But first, do you know any of these interesting facts on domain name listed below?

#1 Do you know which is the first domain name registered? is the first registered domain name, dating all the back to 15 March 1985. Surprisingly, it still exists today! You can check it out now.

#2 Do you know which is the longest domain name registered?

Legal domain names are not allowed to be longer than 63 characters in length, unless they are sub-domains (or domain suffixes). However, there have been many claimants for the position of the longest domain name in the world:

However, there is another one which I think is more interesting because it was in Guinness records as the world’s longest domain name

The most interesting part is it was the name that named after a Welsh Village. I really wonder how many residents complained about it actually, because I think it’s a troublesome to write such a long name for the postal address.

#3 We already know the longest; what about the shortest domain names?

The shortest domain names only consist of one letter! Here is the one that I would like to talk about:

It’s owned by Google to assist their Chinese users in locating Google with greater ease.

Others shortest domain names:

#4 was originally not

It was supposed to be – NOT It was a mistake did by the person. He claimed that was not available but was available.

#5 What domain names have the highest registration rates?

Dot com domain names always have the highest registration figures, followed by dot CN (china)

#6 Free domains?

Domain names were free until 1995. No, you heard it right. It’s FREE until 1995.

#7 Who is the one who bought the most domains in the record?

Mike Mann was the one who bought 14, 962 domains in just one day. The reason for buying all of the domains was – “I’m just really greedy. I want to own the world.”

#8 What is the most expensive domain that has ever been sold? How much is the price?

The most expensive domain that has ever been sold is worth $35 million in 2007 –

HomeAway Founder and CEO Brian Sharples said that the only reason they bought it was – so that Expedia couldn’t have that URL.

So here are the 8 interesting facts about domain names! Did they WOW you? Or are they something that you have already known?

Start to secure your brand name today by searching your favorite.MY domain now!

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