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EDM marketing: start email marketing

Digital presence and digital marketing have become integral aspects of businesses’ marketing strategies.

One such important digital marketing strategy is email marketing.

On the other way, it is also discussed as EDM marketing wherein electronic direct mail marketing solutions gain prominence for their relative scale of reachability, with limited costs, in comparison to conventional marketing solutions.

EDM marketing is seen as the way forward for businesses considering propelling sales for the business and choosing the proper EDM email solutions can help in better outcomes from the process.

EDM constitutes the scope of strategizing and creating a list of prospective clients for whom the email communications are to be delivered about the products and services, basis the customer segmentation.

One of the fundamental developments for EDM marketing is about building the email list from various sources, and the drive the conversions from the leads generated.

For instance, using SMS, or social media posts, the emails are collated into the database, and basis the customer segmentation, the email marketing plans are executed for lead conversion.

Such a tactic works for distinct kinds of businesses, and one must ensure that the right kind of touch points for the email marketing and EDM email campaigns are followed in the process.

Email Marketing vs EDM Marketing 

email marketing

Both in the case of email marketing and EDM marketing, email communication is the core, but the difference between them is the comprehensiveness of EDM in comparison to email.

EDM marketing starts with the bulk of generic email marketing, followed by retargeting advertisements.

In the omnichannel approach, it will help towards the reinforcement of the first communication taking place basis the email.

The seven-touch formula of email marketing is about the prospective customers reading your email marketing messages at least seven times before the actual purchasing happens.

In general email marketing, though some of the key aspects like precise communication, and call-for-action measures are adapted, still the process of generic email marketing remains ad-hoc, wherein the general email marketing takes place or the news-letter kind of engagement with the prospective customers.

But in the case of EDM marketing, the efforts of EDM emails are about popping the email to the customers, retargeting the customer segments with similar kinds of messages being reinforced in the EDM emails.

Such a process can help in improving the success rate of email marketing for lead conversions.

The Benefits of the EDM Marketing 

  • EDM marketing supports effective and impactful communication across the wider audience groups
  • Also, it is versatile and flexible in terms of marketing and facilitates the process of building the efforts
  • EDM emails and email marketing has economies of scale and affordability in comparison to the other conventional marketing channels.
  • Having a proper database of the email list of prospective customers can help the ball rolling.
  • For businesses having an appropriate range of CRM systems, the scope of implementing EDM marketing can be a highly resourceful process.
  • Choosing proper email marketing templates and DIY email editor models can help small businesses too well manage EDM marketing and reap the benefits of such marketing.
  • The EDM marketing implementation can help in developing trust among the users, basis the timely and engaging messages to the prospect and existing customer network.
  • The scope for personalizing the email communications in the EDM emails is feasible, wherein each segment of email marketing can be planned for the customer profiling segments.

Effective Ways for Handling the EDM Marketing & Email Marketing 

While there are scores of benefits in the implementation of EDM marketing, one critical aspect of the success of EDM marketing is the effective implementation of EDM email campaigns.

Following are some of the key steps that can help in managing the better process of EDM marketing and email marketing solutions.

1. Choosing the Suitable Email Service Provider (ESP)

Selection of the appropriate range of ESP software tools for the segmentation of the customer list, workflow automation, analytics, and auto-responder systems are important for managing the process of EDM marketing.

While there are many options for email service providers available in the market, selecting the one that fits the allocated budget, and has good features to support a good EDM marketing campaign is important.

2. Creating Email List Building Strategy 

The primary requisite in email marketing and EDM marketing is the quality of email data garnered in the repository.

Some of the key practices that can help in improving the accuracy of email lists are to populate in the digital sources a proper short sign-up form.

Creating an effective lead magnet kind of campaign process, wherein the maximum number of email data can be collected for the EDM marketing.

Work on a proper and dedicated landing page that can garner visitors’ attention.

Choosing as many effective sources as possible like third-party affiliates, industry expos, and other sources for the collection of good email lists of the businesses.

3. Classification of the Email Listing 

Among the critical steps for effective EDM marketing, the process of segmenting and classifying the email lists garnered from the earlier steps is important.

The process is to identify the classification and make sure there is a clear demarcation of the list. The process or filters for the classification can be

  • Demographic segmentation
  • Geographic segmentation
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Behavioral segmentation

Any kind of past or associated data to the email list can help plan the classification of email lists, which can be resourceful for email marketing.

In EDM marketing, for successful EDM email campaign management, this classification of the email lists plays a significant role.

Followed by some of the other critical aspects to be executed are:

  • Building the email campaigns with each campaign having a definitive objective
  • Establishing the automation workflows to improve the accuracy of the EDM marketing.
  • Monitoring the email marketing metrics
  • Omni channel marketing approach

Adapting to the above-mentioned steps in email marketing and successful ways of implementing EDM marketing can help businesses reap benefits of the digital communications.

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