7 Essential Tips to Choose Business Email Service Providers


Business Email Service Providers

Contemporary business communications are now all about business email and company email.

It also means there are a plethora of email providers who offer various email services including business email.

Some of the best business email service providers combine web hosting plans which come with a cPanel login and cheap custom email.

Exabytes is Malaysia’s leading hosting platform provider with services ranging from free hosting and email, free business email accounts and other email services.

Business email is a necessity of most modern and online business. Free email providers offer email hosting services but cannot be relied for professional services unless paid email service is taken from email services provider.

Professional email services is where both incoming and outgoing emails are managed by a separate shared or dedicated mail server.

Salient Features of Business Email Services

1. Complete ownership of domain name to customer

Whenever a domain name search is made or a domain lookup is done, it should reflect the ecommerce business owner’s name as registrant name.

2. Large storage space for company email

Professional email service should come with large storage space for company email.

As business email rises in popularity, the number of emails sent and received increase. An email service provider should consider this requirement.

3. Look at the Email Hosting Pricing Plans

A business email provider must look at the pricing of their plans.

If email services are expensive, it increases operational expenses for business owners.

Business email plans offering cheap custom email, free business email accounts, free custom email hosting work well for micro, small and medium business owners.

4. Data Sharing

Sharing of data is an important feature for business owners.

A business email service which enables important documents to be easily accessed and shared across a group of people, department etc. is a boon for businesses using company email.

All email providers should look at offering an integration of calendars, contacts, tasks and documents for company email users.

It makes it easy for them to access all their data, especially old business email and customer documents.

5. Clean reputation of their IP address and networks.

An email service provider offering business email as a service is expected to have a clean reputation of their IP address and networks.

This is especially important for company email users who send multiple emails as part of their daily work.

If email providers have blacklisted IPs, their customer suffer. Mails sent from business email IDs hosted on a blacklisted server almost always land in the spam folder. 

6. Top notch website security

Be it a basic online store or an ecommerce business or a product website – every business needs top notch website security.

For entities using business email and company email – it is of vital importance that email providers offer cheap custom email with enterprise security features.

These should include SSL for webmail access including TLS, spam filters etc to keep company email safe and secure.

7. Email Marketing campaigns

Business owners using company email would also like to run email marketing campaigns.

With custom email accounts created for different uses, email providers must offer integration of business email with a CRM for company email use to run promotions and targeted campaigns.

While there are several guidelines and parameters to look for when choosing email providers; business email and company email users should also adhere to some best practices to maximize their business email service potential.

Here are some recommendations to practice:

  • Set a formal, proper name to every company email account.
  • Put up a professional picture of the business email sender. Most email clients and webmail interfaces display the sender’s name and picture. This can also be done as part of email signature.
  • Avoid signing up to social networks and hobby websites using a business email account. It could have serious consequences like data theft.
  • Keep your email domain and names short it makes it easy to remember.
  • Some businesses think of having a website name for their business which is different from the business email domain. It is always best to have one domain name for all usage. It is also something MYNIC recommends. 

Top 5 Advantages of Business Email as a Service:

1. Quick

An email reaches the intended recipient, or group of individuals or an entire organization in less than a few seconds of it being sent.

The best email service providers ensure they have strong infrastructure to facilitate lightning-fast service for company email.

2. Perpetual

Be it a cheap custom email service or the finest business email services, any email sent or received stays with the sender and receiver for perpetuity unless deleted.

Most email service providers offer large storage spaces and regular backups to ensure email copies and archives are available on-demand. This is especially required for company email.

Inexpensive cheap custom email – The cost of sending an email is the same, irrespective of the location its sent to and the number of recipients its intended for. 

There cannot be a bigger boon for ecommerce business and other enterprises who depend on business email, company email and such email services to have a frequent, continuous communication with their customers and stakeholders. 

3. Accessibility

Mobile internet has enabled business email to be available anytime, anywhere as necessary.

Most enterprises now look for cheap custom email with business email providers to get started.

A lot of web hosting plans now come with free business email accounts, free hosting and email which makes it easier for ecommerce business owners to start at a low price and yet always have email accessibility. 

4. Professional Support

24x7x365 tech support is a feature most professional business email service providers offer.

Services like business email where official company email communications are carried out, must be hosted on a stable infrastructure.

The best email providers ensure business email services are offered from at least a Rated 3 Datacenter.

Free Email Services vs Paid Business Email Services

While a free business email service may get you a cheap custom email account, it may come bundled with some challenges.


  • Offer free hosting and email with no commitment or contract
  • Is okay for individual users / personal email usage with very little necessity of business email


  • Inadequate uptime of email providers and email services
  • Comes with on/off page advertisements
  • Weaker security measures
  • Lack of customer support options
  • Doubts on the authenticity of business email
  • Inadequate storage space for company email usage
  • Options personalized domain name are not offered
  • No custom email address for company mail

Why Exabytes Email Hosting?

Exabytes email hosting is a cost-effective plan to get cheap custom email.

Connect with us for more information about business email hosting, cheap custom email and how to create company email.

Exabytes offers professional business email as a service from as low as RM 16.19 per month

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