Story of Elianware: How A 28-year-old Business Set Up their B2B E-Commerce Team and Penetrated Global Market Without Lowering Down Their Price


EE-LIAN also known as Elianware is the main subsidiary of listed company SWS Capital Berhad in Bursa Malaysia. Established at Penang in 1994, Elianware manufactures plastic household goods, such as plastic bottles, lunch boxes, food containers, baskets, storage boxes, etc.

They have developed 1,600 types of household plasticware under its brand. Now, Elianware is one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers of premium-grade plastic products.

Background of Elianware

Elianware has been in the market for 28 years. Before joining, they participated in exhibitions across different countries to promote their products which are costly and require lots of time.

They decided to shift to the online platform in 2018, and so, they started their business on With, they can interact with global buyers, from different countries and backgrounds without leaving Malaysia.

Currently, their products have been exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.

How EE-LIAN Manage Their E-Commerce Team

EE-LIAN E-Commerce team consists of 4 individuals handling Alibaba minisite; while the leader is in charge of handling data analysis and keyword advertising.

They also have an in-house designer in charge of updating the content and visuals on the minisite as well as uploading products. Also they have assigned a dedicated sales assistant, to submit weekly RFQ and update the products if there is any requirement.

Lastly, one last individual is dedicated to managing the whole operation part, including replying to customer’s enquiry, closing sales, liaising with the inventory department internally, handling the logistics of the shipments, and after sales service.

How EE-LIAN Overcome Price War

One of the toughest issues sellers face is price war. Some of the sellers will lower down their product price in order to compete with global traders. However, Elianware managed to sell without lowering their price to compete. In fact, here are some of their winning strategies to compete with the price war:

(A) Set the price slightly higher on Alibaba. When negotiating the price, it will provide space to give the buyer a discount. If the buyer accepts the quoted price, the company can earn more revenue. If the sales amount is big, the seller can always offer them a 5% off for the total invoice value. The buyer will be more than happy to accept that.

(B) When buyers ask for a lower price, don’t hurry to reject them first. Understand their intended quantity to order and their target unit price so that the seller can adjust accordingly. The more the quantity they order, the lower the price. Confirm where their shipping destination is and the preferred incoterms.

(C) Let the buyers know what you can provide. For example, OEM services such as logo printing services, artwork customisation, colour customisation, label and barcode customisation are just some of the good services you can provide to entice them to purchase. Once they are interested, they will ask for a quote, quote them at a higher price, usually they are able to accept.

(D) Value added services: Free sample, Mock Up sample with low sample cost, progress updates, shipping updates, follow up after receiving products and sending additional free samples with their shipment.

Key Takes Away:

EE-LIAN has been using for almost 6 years. Their secret to success is to keep a positive mentality and do the best as you will never know when you will close the sales. Hence, they treat every inquiry well, follow up and keep connected with the customers with their preferred contact method. is the world’s leading B2B eCommerce marketplace that offers tons of opportunities for businesses. receives millions of visitors monthly, connecting buyers and sellers from 200+ countries and regions.

The platform offers sellers direct access to over 40 million global B2B buyers who are actively sourcing products and placing wholesale orders.

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