(EEC Part 3) Every Bit of DATA Matters in the Challenging E-Commerce World!


In the challenging world where E-Commerce has started to take over the world by storm, today, all business owners have to prepare themselves to become a good marketer to ensure sustainability in their fields.

In the midst of the E-Commerce evolution, every bit of data matters as it will help you to later take advantage of the information and make the best decisions! This interesting topic got the panel discussion heated up when Daniel Cerventus who moderated the afternoon session, discussed and debated almost every concept and trending topics that revolved around – 

“Every Bit of Data Matters”

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The panel discussion was joined by the vibrant and aspiring panelists that consisted of:

  • Edmon Chung (DotAsia – CEO)
  • Jeffri Cheong (Kaodim – Co-Founder)
  • Ravindra Kumar (Analyticswell Global –Chief Marketing Strategist)

Each of them had vast of experience in handling all the data they received in order to take advantage of it for their business expansion and growth.

Some of the very intriguing and informative points dished out by the 3 highly experienced panelists in the discussion that afternoon were:

#1 How Data Is Processed 

According to Mr Chung, most data that his team received are mostly from generic top level domain registry. Chung later emphasized that their collected data is constantly tweaked to become flexible in business applications according to the seasonal needs.

On the other hand, Jeffri added that data should be used proactively in order to keep up with customer behavior.

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For Mr. Kumar, data is actively used as a major reference and contribution to every decision made in his organization.

#2 How to Get Into Data

The panelists collectively agreed that every bit of data received should be analyzed to understand the cause and effect when used on different cases.

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For Mr. Kumar, the valuable data can help to provide a historical analysis which can assist business owners to prepare themselves and get ready for  uncertainties in the future.

#3 How Data Becomes Important

For Jeffri, although his team didn’t rely too much on data, he agreed that data had enabled them to make the right decisions. Decision based on data will help teams to make important decision supported by reputable proof.

Other panelists also agreed that with the right data, it would show them the practicality of a business strategy (whether a business strategy will work or not) especially when one is running a regional business.

EEC MY 2016 (45)

#4 How Do We Look At Data

EEC MY 2016 (32)

Mr Chung advised the audience that all businesses should be concerned of the privacy of the data they gathered. Special attention should be given to certain regulations associated with the data gathered.

Jeffri added that for the time being, he paid attention to only a few metrics that mattered while running his business, and that he emphasized more on executions of ideas. The 3 panelists collectively agreed that businesses should care about only the data that really matters to them.

EEC MY 2016 (36) EEC MY 2016 (50) EEC MY 2016 (41)

In the next blog post, we’ll be revealing the hottest trend of e-Commerce for this year, so stay tuned!

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