EEC MY 2016 (22)

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Besides that, Chris Chan generously shared with us some of the mobile best practices that will lead to a successful mobile commerce business, which include:

  • loading time,
  • clear and focused content,
  • keeping the menu and navigation at its simplest form,
  • keeping the forms minimal,
  • optimizing the images
  • always have a best practice plan for the business.

Next, she wrapped up her session with more mind-blowing insights and predictions of this year’ mobile e-commerce trends such as the following:

#1 Physical and online commerce will continue to converge

#2 Social media will continue to dominate but will that translate to sales?

#3 Mobile Web will outpace Mobile Apps

#4 Consumers’ expectations will push retailers to start focusing on Mobile

#5 Growth in mobile will force many companies to start optimizing their mobile checkout

EEC MY 2016 (75)

The engaging sharing on e-Commerce didn’t end there, and more exciting topics were brought up in the next crucial panel discussion moderated by the principal of 1337 Ventures, Jason Chia, joined by Chris Chan from SnapSell and Eng Sheng Huan, the CEO of MOLPay.

The discussion focused on one of the hottest topics these days, “Will Mobile Commerce Overtake E-Commerce Soon?”

The panels discussed and offered their valuable point of views on various subjects including:

#1 To Build Or To Leverage On Apps

The panelists agreed for business owners to leverage on the existing apps to provide them with the basic and valuable experience in running business at marketplace. Besides, this is also a less expensive approach and it can be a good training place for merchants especially the new ones.

Most people are influenced by prices when it comes to choosing the marketplace; to the beginners, how their products are priced in the marketplace will definitely help customers to make up their mind on who and which to choose.

EEC MY 2016 (74)

#2 A Perfect Mobile Commerce

As cited by Jason Chia, the perfect model for a mobile commerce business should provide a better solution that can complement what the current e-commerce is found lacking with.

For example, reducing the steps needed to make decision during the checkout process will definitely help lessen the shopping cart abandon rates. Other than that, having a clear FAQ can help the customers to form an understanding and trust with your business.

#3 Owning an e-Store or Not

According to all the panelists in the session, in order to build a successful mobile commerce, it is crucial for business owners to have their own e-Stores to bring in the identity of their business while offering a brand experience to the public.

EEC MY 2016 (20)

They also suggest that businesses should have a good relationship with the suppliers because they are where they get their supplies from. Also they remind business owners to be aware of the price competition if they ever want to market their products through a marketplace platform.

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