Branding is Life! For Every Business – EEC 2017 (Part 1)


eec 2017 forum discussion

Branding is an Essential Part of Every Business

It lets people know about the business besides giving an important impression whenever people talk about something related to that particular business.

Branding makes businesses stands out in the crowded business world.

During the recent Exabytes E-Commerce Conference 2017 that took place on 24 May 2017, an in-depth panel discussion led by the very charismatic Karamjit Singh, the CEO of Digital News Asia has caught the attention of each and everyone of us in the audience.

The insightful sharing revealed numerous valuable views on branding and ways to build one.

Karamjit Singh as the moderator during eec 2017

The first point that really stunned the entire audience was shared by Ms Shan Li, the founder of BabyDash.

Shan LiShan Li emphasized on the market structure that determined the survival of branding power for certain businesses.

According to the passionate founder, branding is getting more and more important as it sets a business apart from its competitors and differentiates itself from the others who are in the same industry with you.

Logo & Theme

eec 2017 partipants

Her journey of branding started when she first came up with the name, logo and theme for her company.

She studied with her team the kind of name they could pull off that resonated with the baby products theme.

Eventually, they decided on BabyDash, a name that tells us the products are fast-moving and a daily need for every family with a baby/toddler.

The same concept has been used by her when choosing the theme colours for their business.

As many baby products use blue, pink or white, she picked green, purple and orange because once they threw the banner into a pool of competitors, it stood out.

That is definitely a genius way of creating a brand that works.

In other words

the creation of a successful brand should also depend on research and creativity to make it stand out in a world of competition.

Stay tuned for the EEC Part 2!


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