Exabytes Hari Raya Buka Puasa Dinner

Just to share a roundup with our dear readers here, Exabytes held a small, private Buka Puasa dinner earlier this month. All Exabees were invited to indulge in the irresistible local food. Needless to say, we cleared them up all good!


After the fulfilling dinner, it was game time! The committee members divided us into several groups and we had to scour the event areas for pieces of paper. On these paper, there were written words consisting of ‘Selamat’, ‘Hari’ and ‘Raya’. All participants must collect the entire phrase (as many sets as possible) to win the game!

buka-puasa-4 buka-puasa-1

The winning group walked home with the cash prize. On top of that, lucky draw prizes were given out to few lucky participants that evening.

buka-puasa-5 buka-puasa-6 buka-puasa-7

We hoped everyone had a fun evening and joyous holiday this month!

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