Raya With Exabytes 2014


A month of Syawal has passed; we hope everyone had a joyous Aidilfitri! It was so exciting to see our newsfeed filled with photos of families in colorful Raya outfits, yummy ketupats & rendangs, and of course, gathering selfies at open houses. Such festivity!

Speaking of open houses, our team too did not miss the chance to celebrate this joyous occasion recently — not just with our Exabytes family but with our customers & fans as well! Yeap, last week, Exabytes Group consisting of Exabytes Network, Exabytes eCommerce (EasyStore) & Exabytes Venture (EasyParcel) held a Raya gathering at Exabytes office in Setiawalk, Puchong where we got to meet and greet (and have some hearty feast!) with some of our customers and fans on Facebook, at our SetiaWalk office in Puchong.

Before the guests arrive, we made sure the room, food and goodie bags were in order. Because we were expecting more than 100 guests on that day, we got the goodie bags ready and placed them on each individual seat for them to take home. Also, in order to give the office a bit of the Raya “feel”, we decorated the place with some Raya decorations and played some happy Raya songs on loop!

One guest after another came to fill up the hall, and the next thing we knew, it was full house on the day of the event!

As soon as the clock strikes 12.30pm, we kickstarted the event with a welcoming speech from our Sales VP – Mr Alan Kok, who thanked the crowd for their time & support for us all this while, on behalf of our CEO who was not able to make it.

Then, after the short speech was over, it was the moment everybody was waiting for — nomnom time! The guests were served with a selection of mouth watering food, from fried bihun, laksa katong, rendang, nasi impit, french bread, chicken curry, satay, lodeh, assorted kuihs, and fruits!

While our guests were still enjoying the food, we started an activity to get the mood going. First activity of the day was the First Round of Lucky Draw! A few of our guests walked away with Exabytes customized coin boxes as well as Exabytes From Zerobytes to Exabytes book.

Once their tummies were filled, the activity continues with the first game of the day — the Guessing Game whereby 10 questions about Exabytes & EasyStore were asked and guests that answered correctly won themselves some pretty bags!

Once all questions were answered, we moved on to the next game — Ketupat Creation Game where all of the groups at their respective tables were supplied with art crafts like colored papers, ribbons and straws to make their very own ketupat. During this game, we saw amazing teamwork from each member of the group – all playing their role to create their masterpiece! It was a really special, because eventhough they only knew each other for maybe 30 minutes, they were able to work together to create an amazing masterpiece! We were touched – this was what Raya celebration is all about for us! :)

Once the time was up, we were all blown away by the result from all groups. They were all amazing! And bare in mind, these were made in just 20mins — 20 mins to plan, cut, stick, etc. We must say, excellent effort and kudos to all groups!

Each group were then asked to send a representative to explain a little bit about their very own ketupat creation.

After their explanation, it was time for the judges to make their decision. We wish we could let all the groups win, but unfortunately, there could only be 3 winners. And after much thought and consideration by our panel judges, we’ve decided that these 3 groups were most deserving. Look at these masterpieces!

The 3 groups won a hamper each of which they shared together among themselves !

Then, we moved on to the next game – “What Am I” Game. In this game, 8 volunteers were asked to come forward, and separated into 2 groups. Each group were to choose a leader, where the leader would look at the phrase in front of him, and act out the phrase to the rest of his group members, without saying the word.

It was so funny looking at the leader acting out and trying his mighty best to get his group members to guess what it was!

After a few rounds, the winner went to Group A, where each of them walked away with a hamper! Group B also won something special – our very own Exabytes customized umbrella!

Once that game was over, we then moved on to the last agenda of the day, which was the Second Round of Lucky Draw!

Among the many gifts given on that day were the 1 x Hair Dryer, 1 x Toaster, 2 x Iron, 2 x Kettle, 1 x Rice Cooker, 1 x Coffee Maker, 1 x Multi Cooker, 1 x Table Fan, and the Grand Prize.. 1 x Toaster Oven!

And just like that, we ended the fun & fulfilling day — but not before taking a group photo, of course! We wished we could fit everyone in the photo, but unfortunately only half of us made it in the photo due to limited space!

On behalf of the rest of the Exabytes team, we would like to thank all of you again, especially the organizer – Thara & Faten, for making this event a successful one!

We hope all of you (our guests) had fun, and we hope to have fun gatherings like this with all of you again in the future! Cheers!

For more pictures on the event, kindly go to www.facebook.com/www.easystore.co

For the original blog post, do head over here : http://blog.easy.my/community-events/raya-with-easystore/

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