Exabytes @ Malaysia-Taiwan Internet Business Summit 2014


Internet Business Summit is like Saturday meet up with new friends, but in a much bigger scale. You interact with great people who enjoy your companionship and at the same time gain extra networking and knowledge.

This is exactly the composition of Malaysia-Taiwan Internet Business Summit 2014. Through inspiring speeches as well as spectacular Q&A forum session, even Malaysia’s e-Commerce heavyweights such as Exabytes CEO KS Chan and the Exabee who joined this event were extremely excited to meet and learn from Taiwan’s famous e-Commerce guru cum PCHOME founder Mr. Jan Hung-Tze. Jan’s incredible insights and teachings on Internet business was beyond rewarding to all of us.



Held on Saturday, 29 March 2014, the proud organizer of Taiwan Internet and E-commerce Association, and Purple Cane, a Chinese tea leaves, teapot and accessories provider in Malaysia, along with the support of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) had marked the success of Malaysia-Taiwan Internet Business Summit 2014 at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Ballroom.


Exabytes being the co-organizer of this remarkable summit together with its subsidiary Easy.my set up a booth to promote not only its proud hosting services and Easy.my e-Commerce solutions, but also to hype up the whole ambience by giving away goodie bags that consisted of Exabytes notepads as well as Cloud Market and EasyCorner booklets.


What’s more, we also had the chance to pop by and witness the impressive speeches by some of the big shots of Taiwanese e-Commerce industry particularly Mr. Jan Hung-Tze.

As we settled ourselves in the core of the ballroom, Mr. Jan, who is also the president of Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TIEA) dished out nuggets of wisdom on how to craft a successful business and unselfishly shared on his comprehension on Internet Business.


The crowd went ‘Uhhh and Waa’ while Jan shared his past experience, pinpointed the challenges and encounters that one might face while battling the hard tides of owning a successful business. We were not only overwhelmed by Jan’s precious sharing which was fun and charismatic, but also at other speakers’ unconditional contributions and sharing of their own experiences and knowledge in e-commerce, mobile commerce, and app business.


One of the noticeable is speakers Mr. Chen Han Lin, the founder and CEO of EZ Table who owns a 24-hour online restaurant reservation system with over 500 luxury restaurant partnerships in both Taiwan and China emphasized on the expertise on how to recognize potential partners as well as creating a win-win business opportunities. The crowd was amused by his energetic speech on his hilarious but somehow brilliant business philosophy.

Not to forget Benjamin Tseng, the founder and CEO of PubGame, a renowned game publisher in Taiwan that has over 1 million members. Benjamin shared his visions on the future mobile game market in Asia, which had been extremely fulfilling in the recent decades.

The enthusiastic mood heightened when Jan announced his possible future visits to Malaysia again for brainstorming and interaction sessions with his Malaysian counterparts, alongside a team of Taiwanese Internet and E-commerce professionals. Finally, everyone left the ballroom with a satisfied smile on their faces, with more knowledge gained than what was expected.

Finally, everyone left the ballroom with a satisfied smile on their faces, with more knowledge gained than what was expected.

And last but not least, here’s a picture of Exabytes CEO with Mr Jan. Exabytes is certainly looking forward to meeting with this Taiwan e-commerce superstar again!


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