Exabytes All Star Team Building 2012 – Unveil Your Power!


Date: 23 June 2012
Venue: Naza Hote, Tanjung Bungah Penang

“Do you come to work or to be successful?” This soul searching question was tossed out by our trainers at the recent Exabytes team building which took place at Naza Hotel, Tanjung Bungah on June 23. The event was a day filled with fun and inspiring indoor and outdoor games on the beautiful beach in Tanjung Bungah. As it was slated to kick-start at 9.00am, Exabees who were divided into 6 teams with 6 very motivating team slogans and logos created by themselves set foot on the venue before 8.45am.

Check out our slogans:

Team A – Fly like a bee & brave like a dragon

Team B – Together we can! Together we can do more!

Team C – ONE team ONE spirit ONE win

Team D – Born to Win

Team E – We blow all barriers

Team F – Victory is OURS

Indoor activities for the day included Guess the Picture (know more about your colleagues), Treasure Hunt, Build the Tower while for outdoor activities, our trainer had planned for us Treasure Hunt, beach games and fruit eating competition.

Our first game of the day required a small amount of artistic talent from us; Exabees were asked to draw their own portraits on a piece of paper using their non-dominant hands. Each portrait will then be passed to other participants so that they could make a guess as who the person was. An easy game had turned to a hard and fun one when many Exabees chose to draw animals instead of their own faces to represent themselves. Next, we learnt from the trainer that in fact, we are what we draw.

Soon we moved on to the second game. In this game, each team was given plastic blocks resembling the shape of human beings to build a human tree. A game that demanded good patience and great teamwork, the human trees needed to be ‘built’ and stand alone without having contact with the table. Fastest team to complete the feat would win this game.

Next, lunch was ready to be served. It was time for us to enjoy the delicious food prepared for us by Naza Hotel. We savored the delicious cooking while chatting and having a good time with each other.

After lunch, we were involved in the very exciting treasure hunt which wasn’t the usual one as everyone needed to be blindfolded. In order to win, participants must run back to their own checkpoint blindfolded. The game began when all team members were fully gathered. A drawing was picked by each team randomly before we went out looking around the hotel to find our ‘treasure’ according to the drawings. Furthermore, it was compulsory for every team to go out and come back in one complete team after the search.

Finally, we were greeted by the last game, the 7-legged race. Initially only two members in each team had their feet tied up together. To increase the level of difficulty, when the duo finished the run, an additional member was tied to the duo. This increased until all seven members completed their run.

The exciting one-day team building almost came to an end when the clock struck five. Not exactly tired, we anxiously waited for the announcement of winners. The teams with the highest scores would bring home the prizes and at the same time, each participant would be given a souvenir, Exabytes team building mug as well as KFC voucher. Before we headed for our dinner, our winning team, team C (Valkyrie) with the highest score and the best teamwork stepped forward and gave a sharing on how they were able to overcome all the challenges and stood out from the rest.

Congratulations team C (Valkyrie) for making us proud!

Last but not least, a thousand thanks to our event OC and event trainers for making Exabytes team building so memorable and meaningful. Thank you again for picking the beach as the venue so that we could enjoy the sea breeze while playing various interesting games and strengthening our teamwork.

Good bye Exabytes team building 2012 and we look forward to team building 2013!

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