Exabytes Visits CloudFest After 3 Years


Exabytes Visits CloudFest After 3 Years

Never in our wildest dream would we have known that a pandemic would hit and make an impact on the world’s daily lives. 

CloudFest in Germany

CloudFest, a major festival held annually, is back! The 3-day major event held at the Europa-Park, Germany saw more than 6,000 attendees from all over the world. Exabytes was a frequent visitor to CloudFest prior to the travel ban that was enforced due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This year, the team is absolutely thrilled to be able to be a part of CloudFest again!

With a huge lineup of speakers and a list of featured attendees at the event, Exabytes’ main objective to be at CloudFest is to explore, experience, learn and meet experts and like-minded individuals whom we can connect and impact each other. CloudFest 2023 saw near to 150 exhibitors where each and every one of them featured their latest technologies and offerings in the fronts of digitalisation. 

A great and seamless experience

Other than an insightful event filled with an abundance of information, talents, experts, digital solutions and most excitingly, up and coming digital tools and possibilities, CloudFest was definitely a visitor friendly event to be at. From the very start of the event, registration at the event itself was a breeze, considering the other 6000 over attendees who would need to be registered too. Getting hold of our event tags, a bag filled with event information and essentials was well arranged with a seamless flow. In addition, attendees were pampered with freshly prepared breakfast, snacks, refreshments and hot beverages throughout the day, and multiple cooler fridges filled with a wide variety of beverages available all around the event venue.

Convenience at its best

For logistic convenience to all attendees, shuttle buses were arranged and available throughout the day to and from the event venue. To further hype up the event ambience, we had a cool DJ who greeted us with funky music each time we arrived. The 3-day event was definitely a nice refresher for team Exabytes. A lot was gained from information and skills to exposure and network. Thank you CloudFest for such an awesome experience. We can’t wait to be back again!

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