eCommerceFest Series #1: How Malaysian SMEs Scaled New Growth via eCommerce.


Series #1 has come to a successful end. It was an insightful discussion among the experts, and all the attendees were so enthusiastic and engaged throughout the session! With the three different topics discussed in Series #1, I believe that the attendees are now better equipped to grow their business via eCommerce. 

The topics discussed have revealed different messages and information that allow entrepreneurs, eCommerce merchants, and SMEs to have a bigger picture in their eCommerce journey. 

The moderator (Wintson Tham) and panelists (Edmund Tan & Kim May Chee) of the event.

To make sure you have a deeper understanding of Series #1, let’s go through the key points again:

1. The Pandemic Boosted The Speed of Digitalisation Adoption 

The unexpected pandemic pushed many businesses to adopt digitalisation and run an online store. This situation helped to boost the digital presence of several brands; the founder of Cocodry and Inside Scoop grasped the opportunity to start their eCommerce business and the rest is history. 

2. Seize The Opportunity 

During the MCO, there were opportunities for the business owners to not only gain extra revenue via eCommerce but also increase the number of potential customers who will visit their physical store in the future.

With the current situation, most people have become more active in the digital world, and this is a good opportunity for a brand to improve its online presence. 

Certainly, people may not purchase your product when they see your brand online. But by exposing your content and brand to more people, it helps greatly enhance your brand awareness, allowing the audience to remember your brand, which can lead to a purchase in the future. 

3. Maintain Relationship With The Community

Your products are not the only important factor that needs focus while running an online business. Establishing customer connections is extremely important.

It is essential to maintain a good relationship with your community using content and show your potential customers what you are offering. It promotes relatability with your brand.

Besides, creating and posting educational content shows your audience how professional you are. Good content will build trust and also an interaction between you and your customers. 

4. Create Human Touch 

Human touch is crucial in getting potential customers. Running an online business is not only about transactions but there must be real conversations that show human activities.

Talking and listening to your customers is vital in strengthening the connection between your brand and customers. 

For example, Cocodry launched an online consultation service that allows customers to better understand their scalp and hair condition products.

Inside Scoop makes it more conversational with customers who want to order ice cream, instead of just sending them the menu and leaving it for them to decide.

5. Be Persistent

Be persistent, constantly putting effort into your eCommerce business. Running an eCommerce business is not simply having an online store and waiting for customers to visit and buy your products.

There are so many aspects that need to be taken care of to successfully convert visitors to customers, such as good marketing, positive customer reviews, and more.

Thus, you need to be persistent in your effort to ensure everything is performing well on your platform. 

We have seen many entrepreneurs in Malaysia who have successfully run their business and brought their brand to a higher level. It is not easy to run a successful eCommerce business immediately.

It takes time and effort to lead your business to the path of success. 

In this session, both Kim May Chee, Founder of Cocodry, and Edmund Tan, Founder of Inside Scoop shared their experiences on the eCommerce Journey. They also shared valuable insight and advice on how to successfully run an eCommerce business.

Although their eCommerce journey was not easy, they managed to grow their business to today’s success. If they can do it, you can do it too! 

Watch the full video of Topic 1: How Malaysian SMEs Scaled New Growth via eCommerce to learn and grow your business! 

Stay tuned for topic 2 and topic 3!

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