Persona analytics for Social Media targeting: Analysis to action


Different people have different thoughts and traits. To approach them as a customer you need to understand the different behaviour of different people.

To expand your business opportunity, reach out to more people and convert them into your customers, you need to understand their behaviour and craft the marketing strategies that allow your brand to speak to them effectively. 

‘Persona Analytics for Social Media Targeting: Analysis to Action’ was the topic of this workshop. The participants learned how to create a data-driven persona of their target audience in order to connect with them effectively. 

Persona Analytics for Social Media Targeting: Analysis to Action
The speaker (Noorhaina Hirawani Mohd Noor) and the emcee (Laureen Quah) of the event.

Analytics for Social Media Targeting

The key points of the workshop: 

1. Customer Persona

Every business, be it a B2B or B2C business, is recommended to have data of customer persona. The information of your target audience is not only limited to the basic information such as gender, age and so on but should also include information such as how your target customers behave and how they live so that you have a more in-depth understanding about them.  

2. Why Customer Persona is Important 

a) Segmentation

People from different segments have a different reason or motivation to buy a particular product.

Here is an example given by our speaker: people buy sportswear for different reasons. Some buy it because of new year’s resolutions — to start exercising at the beginning of the year to get healthier.

On the other hand, other groups of people want to start exercising due to medical reasons. Even though they have different reasons, the thing that connects them is they want to buy sportswear. This proves that you have several segments of customers that you can target.

b) New Market Opportunities 

As you already know, there are different segments of audience who can be your target customers. This gives you the opportunity to explore new markets.

Therefore, it is important for you to have various customer personas as chances are you might find a new group of audience who you can actually target to sell your products or services. 

c) Product Positioning 

When you have established the different segment of customers you want to target, you need to promote and sell the product by using the same angle as a specific segment of customers.

For different segments and different customer personas, their views are different because they buy the same products for different reasons.

Therefore, the product positioning has to be different in order to resonate with different views from various segments of the audience.

d) Prioritise Marketing Spend

If you have a marketing budget, spend most of your budget on one segment first and keep the other segments small. Spending less on the other segment can make sure you will not lose them by keeping them interested with your products.

When the time is right, then you can spend more money on the other segments. 

f) Communication Strategies 

Customers that have different reasons to buy a product will have different views about themselves and be driven by different things.

Therefore, when you are speaking to different segments of customers, not only the language you use should be different, but also the content and the trigger word you use to communicate with them to make them feel your product values resonate with them.

Knowing customer behaviour is conducive for every business. Understanding behaviours from different segments of customers enable you to expand your business to those you never thought would be your customers.

It also allows the customers to see your brand, products and services as valuable because they fulfill their needs or the message your brand communicates with them resonate with their view. 

We are pleased to have invited Noorhhaina Hirawani Mohd Noor, Regional Head, Client Engagement of to be one of the speakers in MarketingFest 2021 to share with the audience the importance of customer persona analytics for businesses and how it can assist business owners to reach their target audience successfully. 

Watch the full video of this workshop and walk away with the insightful information!

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