Get the Data that Puts You Ahead of the Competition with Similarweb


What is SimilarWeb

We already know data is important for our business as it tells us where and how we should improve our business. While the business world is getting more competitive and customer preference is changing rapidly.

To secure a place in the competition, it is vital for us to know and leverage the market trends, and determine how to create the most effective marketing strategy from time to time.

SimilarWeb is a tool that is useful for business owners to obtain data that is needed to measure the seasonal market trends around the world. Other than that, Similarweb helps analyse the performance of websites and apps. 

How you can benefit from SimilarWeb data
The speaker (Carroll Kee) and the emcee (Laureen Quah) of the event.

The key takeaways of this session:

1. SimilarWeb 

SimillarWeb covers more than a hundred million websites and apps around the world and they are the only tools that cover the seven marketing channel analyses. Besides, what makes SimilarWeb unique is the real-time data it has as a result of daily updates. In fact, SimilarWeb is not a direct measurement data.

In simple terms, it is a competitor analysis tool that is designed to provide you with a consistent and accurate understanding of the entire market and the competitive site. 

2. How you can benefit from SimilarWeb data

a) Similarweb Lite

On SimilarWeb, you do not have to pay for everything and still get the data live from the site itself. For users who would like to try SimilarWeb for free, visit the SimilarWeb Lite website and just paste the website link.

It will directly pull out the data from the website you insert. 

b) Similarweb PRO 

This service provides a 7-day free trial. It shows worldwide data. During the 7-day free trial, you can really experience what the PRO plan has to offer.

However, there are data limitations — you are unable to see all the data, you can only preview it. However, you can see most of the features and the data of the past 3 months on PRO.  

c) Similarweb Extension

You can install the Similarweb extension in your browser so it helps you get the data of the website you visit. When you visit a website, the moment you open the Similarweb Extension, it will directly pull out the insight for you about the performance of the website in the past 6 months.

This does not only apply to the visiting data but also other data sets for you to better interpret the performance of the website. 

d) Similarweb PRO

Similarweb PRO was demoed by the speaker in this session. To find out more, do check out the full video of this workshop!

To be a data-driven company, you need to be constantly aware of your target customers’ behaviour and preferences to create a marketing strategy that can attract and retain them.

Moreover, observing and analysing how your website is performing helps you stay aware whether which part of your website needs to be optimised to improve the site traffic. 

In this workshop, we’re glad to have invited Carroll Kee, General Manager of SEA, to share with the audience what Similarweb can do, including some case studies on how customers from different industries use Similarweb to find the data they need.

Besides, we also had Jason Pee, Director of Sales, SEA to present a live Demo of Similarweb. 

Keen to know more about this session? Watch the full video for more details!

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