Impressive! How a Sport Glasses Company Achieved>30,000 Exposures in just 1 month



How a Sport Glasses Company Achieved>30,000 Exposures in just 1 month


It was hard when we started out; our first pot of gold was gained through providing sponsorship

It has been nearly 30 years since Bor Jye Enterprise Co., Ltd. a Sport Glasses Company was established. The founder, Mr. Jun-nan Chen , started from scratch. When starting out, Chen had a strong drive and a bold, experimental attitude, coupled with the spirit of learning and continuous improvement. This has enabled the company to own multiple unique patented designs with some of them deeply adored by Honeywell consumers and have been selling very well for more than 10 years.

Chen, who is also the general manager of Bor Jye, mentioned his own products with pride. Even when he recalled the hardships of starting a business, he smiled and told the tale of more than 20 years ago.

“Doing business was really hard at the start. I made door-to-door visits to ask people to take a look at my Sport Glasses. Back then, I made all kinds of plastic products. As long as people were willing to do business with me, I would do it!”

With a background in plastic moulding, Chen has tried making countless plastic products, backed by his experience and familiarity with plastic injection technology. It was not until he was introduced by a friend that he began to specialize in the production of glasses.

“Tainan (south of Taiwan) is a “cave” for glasses! There are eyewear factories on every corner, so I thought to myself that I must be different from others in order to attract people’s attention!”

Since then, Chen started to develop and design a variety of glasses by himself, starting with OEM and then ODM. This gave Bor Jye a competitive edge in R&D and design, which they then used to start making paintball masks.

Chen said with a proud smile, “The first paintball mask I made was actually a failure, but it still attracted many foreign customers to buy it.” At the beginning, he sponsored the second Paintball International Cup in Taiwan in 2006. Then, overseas contestants from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, etc., gave positive reviews for Bor Jye products. Bor Jye was able to earn its first pot of gold overseas, paving the way for the company’s exports.

From selling through middlemen to Direct Export via the Internet

Back then, Bor Jye’s exports relied mostly on personal connections and traders. Later, inspired by the popular slogan of a major e-commerce platform, “You can find anything here,” Chen began to experiment with exports via the internet and partnered with an online marketing company to set up the Bor Jye online store.

Whenever I received an enquiry, I was very worried. “I didn’t like reading when I was a child, and I didn’t learn English well, so when I saw enquiries written in English, I had to translate them word for word using the internet.” Because of the language barrier, Bor Jye never participated in any exhibitions.

But today, the export sales of Bor Jye have far exceeded its domestic sales.

In fact, General Manager Chen was involved in almost everything, ranging from R&D and design to filing patent applications, going online, and more. From a factory apprentice to an eye care expert, he even “invested” in his son, Antony, from an early age, enabling him to pass on his brand, Bor Jye to him. “He studies economics and often asks for my support and investment in his idea while he tries to build his own empire.”

Choose Alibaba International Trading Market As a Cross-border Trade Platform

Antony does live up to Chen’s expectations. He has been in Bor Jye for 5-6 years, from learning the basics to now being in charge of the entire domestic and overseas business and creating his own brand, ENVIS, injecting another innovative and trendy element into Bor Jye. In addition, upon joining the company, Antony inspected the effectiveness of Bor Jye’s Sport Glasses online sales. After trying and evaluating several e-commerce platforms, he chose (Alibaba B2B for short) as Bor Jye’s only cross-border trade platform.

The biggest difference between Alibaba B2B and other platforms is that the big data database in the background allows you to know the effectiveness of your own platform operations in real time. For example, we had more than 30,000 exposures in the first month after we went online, and we are more than happy with the result.

In the past 1-2 years, Alibaba B2B has started to offer third-party service providers, allowing us to focus on R&D, design, and business. We are also very satisfied with using third-party services for operations. The support from old overseas customers made the export performance continue to grow steadily, but the father and son were not satisfied with the status quo, so they used the e-commerce platform to sell their own products domestically and explore new overseas markets.

In the first two years after joining, Bor Jye had expanded to more than 10 new countries, and 90% of the new customers were from Alibaba B2B.

The father and son teamed up to serve new and old customers and break Bor Jye’s own export records every year, creating a hundredfold success.

Most companies in Taiwan are currently seeing second-generation inheritance. The most difficult issues in succession are usually communication and coordination between generations.

However, Chen and his son share the same goals and ideals—to make ENVIS famous around the world. Although the father and son occasionally have disagreements, Chen has always let Antony explore and try different ways when starting a business. Antony is grateful for his father’s many years of business experience, and the two of them are working together to take Bor Jye to a new height.

Export to 190 countries

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