Case Studies: How Do Global Brands Market Successfully During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?


Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022

Argentina vs. France in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final: Lionel Messi shines as Argentina defeats France 4-2 on penalties to win the tournament.

Watch Here: Final World Cup 2022 Highlights

In the ever-evolving branding arena, be it a local enterprise or a global behemoth, almost every business focuses on enhanced marketing during significant events like the World Cup by connecting with the Gen Z audience utilizing advanced technology. 

If one looks at all the advertisements in cyberspace and on physical billboards, marketers have taken a particular liking to events like the FIFA World Cup, as it is one of the most significant sporting events on earth.

Any marketing activity would get traction from prospects, target audiences, and customers. It can be seen that football audiences are big consumers who are approachable to a great extent and are open to new experiences.

During events such as the FIFA World Cup, where loyal fans of the game become inclined towards businesses, it is easier to gain loyal fans of the brand.

how do global brands market successfully during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

Best World Cup Marketing Campaigns – Case Studies 

The World Cup is one sporting event watched by people across the globe, with a worldwide viewership of 3.5 billion. Marketers and companies focus on marketing successfully during the World Cup, as football viewers are highly engaged throughout the game. 

Check out the best world cup marketing campaigns done by global brands during the FIFA world cup.

1. Visa and, the cryptocurrency platform partner for the FIFA World Cup, which is focused on engaging fans and providing them with a unique experience of the games, collaborated with Visa for an enhanced digital experience. 

Fans of football have the opportunity to place bids on five NFT digital artworks that were produced by XK Studios with the assistance of AI algorithms and were inspired by the goals scored by renowned football players as part of Visa’s Masters of Movement auction.

The successful bidders will have their NFT delivered to the wallets they have created on Moreover, during the month-long FIFA Fan FestivalTM in Doha, football fans will have the opportunity to create a unique piece of NFT artwork based on their own individual football moves.

Participants will be given the opportunity to stand on a one-of-a-kind digital LED pitch while striking various football stances that will later be incorporated into a one-of-a-kind NFT keepsake. 

It is one of the best examples of interactive technology providing high-performance services to engage fans. 

2. FOX Soccer 

FOX SPORTS - World Cup Qatar 2022

The high-quality commercials developed by the FOX soccer channel can be considered one of the best world cup marketing campaigns during the FIFA world cup. 

The FOX Soccer channel is currently airing humorous commercials with the actor Jon Hamm. It is always entertaining to watch Hamm perform for the cameras.

He poses as Santa Claus, who now has to compete for people’s attention with the largest sporting event in the world.

These advertisements have a lot of laughs, are entertaining to watch, and in some mysterious way get you in the mood to party it up on both fronts.

The strategies and techniques utilized in such advertising mechanisms help improve marketing, providing a clear idea of business functions to football fans and customers. 

3. Kia 

The official mobility partner of the FIFA World Cup is Kia, which is going with a multi-faceted campaign that promotes global marketing with the involvement of various people across the globe.

The social media campaigns based on Kia encourage more people to create quality content and share the same to show their interest in their team. 

The word “Inspiration” serves as the overall campaign concept, and the brand reminds us that for billions of people all around the world, football is about much more than just a sport.

Every four years, the Games motivate all of us to achieve more of our potential. People are encouraged to produce and share content on social media using the hashtag #KiaInspireTogether, which shows their enthusiasm for the team that they support. Kia will select the content that is deemed to be of the highest quality and put it into videos that will be played on electronic boards throughout the stadiums.

Moreover, Kia is also spreading awareness about the personal experiences and aspirations of the sixty-four children who are serving as Official Match Ball Carriers at the World Cup.

During the course of the games, a fleet of almost 500 passenger cars, buses, and electric vehicles owned and operated by Kia will be used to transport the players, officials, and staff.

Kia is focused on promoting various events where the best content is chosen and incorporated into specific videos to enhance the overall marketing efforts. 

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4. Frito-Lay 

Frito-Lay sponsor world cup

Frito-Lay’s World Cup campaign is entirely focused on soccer and snacking, with limited-edition flavors displayed to enhance game celebration.

It is known for its interactive campaign, where digital advancements and the latest trends are incorporated based on the evolving techniques in the digital sector. 

The brand is releasing three limited edition flavors to the North American market to honour the games. Additionally, the company is also participating in an interactive marketing campaign, further embracing the digital spirit.

A unique QR code may be found on the packaging of each of the Lay’s World Cup-themed product varieties. Customers can take a photo of themselves and have it shown on a massive digital soccer ball by scanning the code and registering on the platform.

People are able to view which team each individual supports by clicking on any photo in the gallery. The first three hundred and fifty thousand people to register will each receive a one-of-a-kind artwork created by NFT using their photo.

User-generated content (UCG) is the focus of the Frito-World Lay’s Cup celebrations this year, in addition to, of course, tasty food.

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5. Hisense 

Hisense World Cup Sponsor

Hisense is an electronics and appliance brand with a marketing concept where exciting prizes and offers are made available for various products and services. 

The company organized a contest with some fantastic prizes as incentives. Fans who buy a Hisense product from a retail store or online and then upload their receipt to a dedicated website are entered into a drawing for a wide variety of exciting and premium prizes.

These prizes include tickets to semifinal and group match World Cup games, 100-inch laser TVs, side-by-side refrigerators, and other appliances.

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6. Hyundai 

Hyundai FIFA world cup

Hyundai is one of the best global brands that has come up with the idea of a sustainable football jersey as part of the FIFA World Cup 2022, one of the top sporting events the world has witnessed. 

The brand has started a campaign called “Goal of the Century,” which focuses on the company’s sustainability goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2045.

Hyundai, an official sponsor of the games, has the goal of inspiring conversations and ideas revolving around the concept of environmentally sustainable practices, drawing motivation from the community and passion that football offers.

This is where the topic of fashion enters the discussion. Hyundai has selected a number of individuals to serve as ambassadors for “Team Century,” and during the year 2022, they will be supporting a variety of programmes and projects centred on the concept of sustainability.

One such ambassador is the American fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who has created a more environmentally friendly version of the classic football jersey by fashioning it out of bottles that have been recycled from other products.

As such events bring different global partners together for various marketing collaborations, it becomes easier to balance marketing and circumstances. Hyundai has been focused on promoting other initiatives and projects based on sustainability, considering the current digital sector changes. 

7. Aldi 

One of the essential grocery chains, Aldi, is another significant brand utilizing the FIFA World Cup for enhanced marketing. 

Innovative techniques are used along with quality commercials to make customers and fans utilize the services effectively.

As the benefit of companies and customers is considered equally important, a proper balance is established to provide the necessary services and solutions to customers. 

Final takeaways 

In what was an exciting match, Argentina defeated France 4-2 on penalties to win their first ever FIFA World Cup.

Argentina won their third FIFA World Cup title on Sunday, with a victory in the penalty shootout after drawing 3-3 in the extra 30 minutes.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has confirmed that the World Cup final accomplished what Google has never seen before – reaching the highest search volume in 25 years. It was like the entire world was glued to their screens.

In this changing era, various developments can be seen in the digital sector, where companies have been incorporating different features into the existing system for enhanced marketing.

New methods and marketing tools have helped provide the required services and solutions to customers. 

The World Cup campaigns by different companies utilizing innovative techniques to provide apt services to customers considering their interests and needs.

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