Top 10 Veeam Backup & Replication Alternatives (Latest Update)


Veeam Backup & Replication Alternatives

Backup systems and replication systems have become an integral need for businesses in planning IT systems security and management.

Irrespective of the size of the business, for every business, the need for a proper backup system to manage the backup services is essential. 

While the Veeam Software and Veeam support systems in the form of the community edition, essentials edition, and the cloud backup edition are highly resourceful for enterprise backup solutions, not all businesses are ok to adapt the Veeam Software.

Thus, in this article, some of the best alternatives available for Veeam Software and replication alternatives in 2022, are discussed. 


Veritas NetBackup

Veritas NetBackup is seen as a good alternative to Veeam and is considered to have enterprise-level heterogeneous backup and recovery options. NetBackup has the scope for holistic protection and backup like the Veeam Software.

However, some of the ratings in the online forums have rated the Veeam Software as easy to configure and set up, while Veeam support is as better in terms of dealing with customer support requirements.

However, many SMBs consider the solutions offered by Veritas as a good alternative to Veeam.


Acronis data loss prevention

The other key brand seen as an alternative to the Veeam Software is Acronis.

Though the lower tier features in the Acronis have limited features, the licensing in the Acronis is seen as a complex issue alongside the limited storage facilities as a challenge. 

It is important to provide unlimited storage for backup, which could be a huge upgrade and it can help in addressing the needs of businesses.

However, the plus feature of Acronis is its adequate layers of protection which is a benefit for the users. 

Threats and virus attacks to the systems environment are terminated and the risk mitigation process in Acronis is effective.

While the backup options and features in Veeam Software and Acronis are kind of similar, the ease of use in Veeam Software is rated high in comparison to Acronis solutions.



The other major alternative highlighted for Veeam Software is the Commvault system.

Among the big challenges in data backup solutions, the scope for backup from multiple locations, and using the systems for effective backup of them is critical.

Commvault is effective for the backup and restoration of data from a centrally controlled management dashboard.

Commvault is rated high by the system administrators, for its ease and scope of implementation across the locations. Implementing the Commvault is known to reduce the implications of data backup limitations.

One of the critical and interesting functionalities in the process is “EDGE DRIVE”, wherein its ability to be used as a private cloud is seen as an advantage over the services offered in Veeam Software.


vmware workstation

VMware Data Protection is considered a solid backup solution and a good alternative to Veeam Software and works well for vSphere environments, totally integrated with the interface wherein the daily incremental backups, can be dealt with easily.

However, one of the challenges observed in the case of VMware in comparison to Veeam Software is the issues of storage and deduplication issues of storage.

Thus, for businesses considering the usage of VMware for data backup solutions, it is essential to consider the storage requirements assessment periodically.

On the other hand, VMware is a good and effective solution, for SMBs Veeam Software and Veeam support is seen as a better option than VMware.


Microsoft is among the pioneers of tech service providers globally and has a series of products such as operating systems, productivity tools, server systems, and security solutions.

The key benefit of Microsoft in comparison to Veeam is its reliability, centralized structure, and seamless scope of scalability.

The feature set is inadequate in comparison to the peers, and the security options and backup solution are usable but are not optimal as in the case of Veeam Software.

Reporting functions can be confusing and imprecise and in some regions the service levels are subpar.

Hence, in the need for backup solutions and security, the Veeam product line can be seen as more resourceful for a better process.


IBM solutions are known for its quality of service and support. For brands like Veeam Software, IBM systems can always be seen as a competitor in the backup needs for the enterprise.

The Spectrum Protect solution from IBM is functional and is known as among the most effective backup options time since IBM launched the product.

Though the configuration process could be a little complex for beginners, the process is good in terms of backup management and flexibility.

However, for customer support services, Veeam support is given priority over the IBM service offerings.


Dell known among the big players in the IT industry for hardware, networking, and software product lines, offers potential solutions for backup options. 

The distinct set of components and hardware applications together offers a potential backup option. Data protection central can be resourceful in terms of a single pane of glass dashboard for ease of backup solutions. 

However, in comparison to Veeam, the Veeam support ratings are high in comparison to Dell. The price features are also seen as competitive in the case of Veeam Software in comparison to Dell.


Among the other service providers for data backup and cloud security, Rubrik is one of the strong contenders, as its cybersecurity solutions are significant and can work as a protective layer for the information systems alongside offering good backup solutions. 

In comparison to Veeam, Rubrik too stands as a potential choice, and it can help in improving the process.


Barracuda backup, though not as popular as other similar backup options like the Veeam Software, is gaining popularity in the market, and is known for ease of use and good backup options for digital assets as services offered in Veeam Software.

Cohesity is another upcoming solution in the enterprise backup solutions, and it has a long way to prove its mettle as Cohesity is a good alternative to Veeam Software.


For more information on the Veeam backup and replication, to avail of the services for managing enterprise backup solutions, reach out to team Exabytes Malaysia for more information and assistance in choosing backup solutions.

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