How to Use Exabytes Bulk SMS to Generate 60% More Sales at RM0.90 per SMS?


How to Use Exabytes Bulk SMS to Generate 60% More Sales at RM0.90 per SMS?

Did you know that SMS (short messages service) plays an important role for everyone today? Why most of the marketers choose Bulk SMS Marketing Tools as one of the important marketing strategies?

You may think that we rely more on other communications tools, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, or iMessage than on SMS, but you still need to use SMS to receive payment reminders and notifications, parcel delivery status, OTP (one-time passwords), and more in your daily life.

Why SMS Is Still Important for Your Business?

SMS still plays an important role, especially for business. You will receive an SMS notification when you get a lead from your ticketing system, when the bank receives your payment, or when you log in to an account using an OTP.

Today I will show you how to use Exabytes Bulk SMS Marketing to reach all your clients!

What Is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a form of mass communication that allows business owners to engage with their audiences via mobile technology.

You can send your audience marketing promotions, do surveys to analyse customer satisfaction, help your customer secure their accounts with OTPs, send payment reminders and delivery status notifications, and more!

4 Ways to Use Exabytes Bulk SMS Marketing Tools Effectively

1. For Marketing or Advertising Purposes

When you have year-end sales, you can use SMS marketing to reach your customers with a short promotional message. Your customers can be alerted of the promotions you have in your store.

  • Write a short and simple promotional message to your customers.
  • Keep the message within 139 characters.
  • Use a branded link or contact method as your call to action (CTA).

Remember, KISS (keep it short and simple) when you compose your SMS marketing messages. Your customer will only give you three seconds to deliver your message. Your messages must be attractive, simple, and short with the action that you want your customer to perform.

2. For Logistics and Product Delivery Status Reminders


Your business will definitely need to provide a delivery service for your customers when they place an order through a phone call, your online store, or your physical store. The customer behaviour trends today have pushed 90% of consumers to purchase online without carrying all the items from the physical store.

You must integrate your system with an SMS API. Exabytes Bulk SMS Marketing API* can integrate into your system to send out all the tracking information into you and your customers today!

You can create a simple reminder or tracking template using the format below:

[Brand Name]: Dear [Customer Name Field], Your order [Order ID] will be delivery by [Date Field] at [Time Field].


Exabytes: Dear Mr Lee, Your order A00899922 will be delivery by today at 9:00 a.m.

Now your customers can relax about receiving their parcel because they know when they can expect it to arrive.

*Click here for the Exabytes Bulk SMS API code to integrate into your system.

3. For Feedback (Lead Customer Engagement)

You will want to know if your customers are happy and satisfied with your product or service. Using Exabytes Bulk SMS API*, you can send a message to your customers after they purchase.

You can use the SMS template below:

[Brand Name]: Thank you for your purchase! Share your experience in our [online store / Lazada / Shopee] and get RM10 OFF for your next purchase!

Send the message one day after your customer receives the order.

You can create different kinds of messages to engage with your customers, and they will want to share their experiences with you. If your online store or marketplace receives a lot of good feedback, it will give new customers more confidence in you.

Remember, new customers put their trust in existing customers’ comments when they don’t know your brand!

*Click here for the Exabytes Bulk SMS API code to integrate into your system.

4. For Customer Trust (Security)


Multi-factor authentication solutions are important for every client to secure their account from hackers or robots. You will find that many platforms and online stores now require you to key in an OTP code even if you have already entered your password.

What does OTP do?

  • Validate numbers
  • Secure online transactions
  • Verification users (especially for mobile app users)

Your system can integrate the Exabytes Bulk SMS API* to generate OTPs for your users when they create and log in to their accounts.

Here is a format you can follow for your OTP messages:

[Brand Name]: Your OTP code is [XXXXXX] for one-time use [ Date Sent Field], [ Time Sent Field].

It is easy and simple to send OTPs after you have integrated our SMS API into your system. Always remind your customers not to share their OTP codes with others.

*Click here for the Exabytes Bulk SMS API code to integrate into your system.


Bulk SMS marketing is a kickstart and low-cost marketing option for all small and medium enterprises to generate more leads, more sales, and higher customer retention. Bulk SMS marketing is not only about sending promotional marketing messaging but keeping your customers’ accounts secure, sending reminders, and much more.

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