.LA Domain – A “Malaysianized” Domain


Exabytes offer many Top Country Level Domains like .MY, .SG, .HK, .US and a lot more! Now, we’re excited to introduce the brand new addition of the Top Country Level domain to the family – .LA Domain!

In case you didn’t know, .LA is the official domain extension for Los Angeles. But of course, just like any other domains, one can get creative and create some out-of-the-world domain names to suit one’s liking with this unique and special domain extension!

This is especially such great news to us Malaysians as we can now “Malaysianized” our domain names with the availability of .LA domain extension! Domain names such as boleh.la, how.la, dontlikethat.la, wheretoeat.la, or even LISTEN.LA can now be used to unleash the “Malaysian” in you!

Search your .LA domain here.

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