Exabytes Durian Festival 2014


Date: 22-Jun-2014

Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue: Gertak Sanggul Finshing Stage, Penang

Durian festival is here! “Exabytes Durian Feast with Tech Start-Ups” was held last Sunday in Gertak Sanggul Fishing Village, Penang. Enthusiastic Exabees and tech start-ups shared their love for durians and other delicious fruits together in the beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Durian A

The Gertak Sanggul Fishing Village which is located around 10km from PIA (Penang International Airport) offers a breathtaking scenery as it is in close proximity to the seashores of Bayan Lepas. Its main attractions, including fishing, dining and other recreations make it a worthy venue.

Durian B

The fun yet meaningful event started with a welcome greeting by our Organizing Committee, followed by the very exciting treasure hunt game.







In this game, the four teams which were formed earlier had to hunt for the ping pong balls, which all had a letter on them. When quiz questions were asked, they must solve and form the answers with their found ping pong balls.









Once done, they shall approach the OC to submit their answers. If a question was solved correctly, it would be crossed off and could no longer be used by the other teams. Each correct answer would earn a team one point.









At last, scores were counted and Team 4 proudly emerged as the winner of the treasure hunt! Team 1 and 2 finished as first and second Runner-Ups respectively.





After the prize giving ceremony, it came to the much anticipated “makan” time! Besides durians, there were also mangosteens, rambutan, cempedak and other local fruits for everyone to enjoy.















Finally, after an appetizing feast of fruits, Exabytes Durian Feast with Tech Start-Ups ended with a group photo taking session.


Once again, thank you everyone for your precious time and the OC for their dedication. For all of you out there, stay tuned for more rewarding upcoming events by Exabytes!

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