Listening to the Voices of Our Future


The future of our society is our children, the youths. They hold the key to the development and growth of our future society. Our opinions matter and so does theirs. 

Digitalisation has accelerated around the globe, especially during the pandemic. Our consumer patterns and behaviour has changed to adapt to the situation. Classes have gone online and so have businesses. We have started to shop online more frequently to purchase our daily essentials to clothes and even furniture. The internet has also become our go-to for the latest news update. We even source online for vendors providing services like plumping and housekeeping.

The accelerated growth of digitalisation has made a positive impact on our life. The convenience of everything being accessible and available with just the touch of a button. Technology has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. 

With digitalisation, it is inevitable that digital skills and talents are in demand. We all start discovering and honing our skills and talents from a tender age and it all starts from our home and school. Exabytes sees the importance of our education system as it is a huge contributing factor to the development of our youths. What can be done to improve the gap between school education and the working world? How can we contribute?

Exabytes has partnered with Sunway Student Ambassadors in the event #Bangkit to dive deeper into the topic of developing future digital talents.

Let Your Voices Be Heard

Sunway Student Ambassadors is a student-run representative body of Sunway university. They aim to cultivate a conducive and inclusive environment for students to develop essential soft skills and important values. Through their platforms, students are able to develop the skills needed to build a stronger foundation. The skills and foundation would be essential for the students when they move forward into the working society.

Rethinking Our Education Landscape

#Bangkit is an initiative by Sunway Student Ambassadors. The theme this year, 2021 is education. The goal of #Bangkit is to encourage youths to voice out their concerns about underlying issues or overlooked affairs of topics in Malaysia. This will also cultivate a heightened awareness of social issues revolving around the theme, education.

The event was broken down into two main sections, the conference and the challenge. 

Enriching Minds Through Sharing

Conferences were held throughout the event with notable speakers from the education sector. Students were able to gain insights as the speakers share their expertise and education-related topics. The conference is also established as safe learning and sharing platform for students to link with professionals through open conversations. 

Take Lead, Be the Change

The #Bangkit challenge consisted of the two main stages, the preliminary round and the final presentation. The challenge covered five sectors: Business, Non-Government Organisation, Information Technology, Science and Education in the Future. Students came together as teams to pitch in their ideas and solutions for their chosen sector’s problem statement. 

Exabytes is the supporting and partnering organisation for the information technology sector. Exabytes is one of the panellists of judges for the final event too!

Find out why and how Exabytes contributes to the cause:

Digital Talent Development

The topic for the information technology sector is Digital Talent Development. 

The teams pitched in their initial ideas through an infographic and go through the preliminary elimination round. The emerging teams are shortlisted and qualify for the final presentation.

Teams who qualify for the final presentation would then continue to dive deeper into the topic as they finetune their pitches for the final presentation. During the brainstorming process, tools and resources are provided to them. 

Bangkit Workshop Q&A Session
Q&A session during the Exabytes workshop with the information technology sector teams.

Workshops are conducted for the finalist teams. In the workshops, the teams will be furnished with knowledge and information on topics relevant to the topic. The information parted to the teams will help and supplement their final pitches.

Mentorship sessions were conducted as well to provide guidance to the finalist teams.

Watch the sneak peek of the IT sector winner’s pitch here:

As the event has come to an end, we would like to congratulate the winning team, EduTEA! We would also like to recognise the efforts of all participating teams in the event.

Moving forward, Exabytes will be working with EduTEA to materialise their proposal, bringing it to life!

Access to Digital Resources

In addition to the main event, Exabytes wish to help the students in their digital journey! To express our support to the cause, a giveaway was held and five lucky winners walked away with a free domain and hosting by Exabytes. Vouchers were also distributed so that students are able to better manage costs and gain access to digital resources at the same time.

Interested to build your online presence too? Gain access to more digital resources here!

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