How Does NVMe SSD Storage Affect WordPress Hosting?


NVMe SSD storage affect WordPress Hosting

The perfect WordPress hosting for a website might be difficult to locate because it comes in so many different forms and sizes.

WordPress hosting has advanced rapidly in recent years because of the extra advantages of NVMe SSD storage.

The advantages of WordPress hosting with NVMe SSD are numerous. Solid-state drives, often known as SSDs, are the drives that keep server data on attached flash memory chips so they may continue to function in the event of a power outage.

Benefits of NVMe SSD Hosting

Purchasing the appropriate NVMe SSD hosting is essential for commercial or personal blog websites that have consistent heavy traffic.

High-traffic websites frequently have challenges with poor loading times and frequent outages.

The bulk of these issues may be easily resolved with NVMe SSD hosting, which makes it a popular option for online enterprises and e-commerce sites.

1. NVMe-Based WordPress Hosting

Traditional hard drives and NVMe SSD WordPress hosting are very different from one another. Since NVMe SSD is a solid-state drive, it has no moving parts, making it far less prone to failure than HDDs.

Therefore, WordPress hosted on a server with an NVMe SSD is far more dependable and has a lower chance of going down or losing data.

Businesses now have a far more reliable WordPress hosting option, with some hosts, like Exabytes, promising 99.9% uptime.

The fact that NVMe SSD storage is lightning fast is another key benefit. This significantly boosts the functionality of the WordPress hosting website, allowing it to load faster on users’ devices and react to user activities like clicks and data inputs more quickly.

Selecting hosting powered by NVMe SSD may significantly increase your conversion rates because delayed loading is one of the main reasons visitors leave websites.

There is widespread agreement that even a one-second reduction in load time may boost conversions by up to 7%.

Additionally, the quicker the site loads, the higher it will appear in search engine rankings. Site speed is one of the ranking variables that Google takes into account for both desktop and mobile searches.

Therefore, switching to WordPress hosting with NVMe SSD may significantly increase traffic.

2. NVMe Servers Optimized for WordPress Hosting

The server should be optimized for WordPress hosting, which is the second key aspect one should be seeking in a WordPress hosting package in addition to the NVMe SSD.

WordPress websites can naturally be sluggish due to the abundance of plugins they need, and ordinary shared WordPress hosting servers aren’t always the best choice for them.

High-end hardware, such as Xeon processors and NVMe SSDs, together with a platform that uses the most recent caching technologies to deliver super-fast response times, are all features of WordPress hosting.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting with NVMe SSD

Choosing the right NVMe SSD WordPress hosting is critical for business or personal blog websites that receive a lot of traffic on a regular basis.

High-traffic websites frequently have challenges with poor loading times and frequent outages.

The bulk of these issues may be easily resolved with NVMe SSD WordPress hosting, which makes it a popular option for online companies and e-commerce sites.

Let’s go over some of the main advantages of utilizing NVMe SSD with WordPress hosting over conventional web hosting in this section of the post.

1. Fast WordPress Hosting

Websites are one of the most important factors for international enterprises. In truth, the majority of the top international companies require a rapid launch of their WordPress websites in order to make cash.

Global IT behemoths risk losing millions if their websites load slowly, even for a second. NVMe SSD storage enters the picture at this point.

These brief attention spans may have an impact on the traffic to a WordPress website if it takes too long to load.

In a recent survey, over half of internet users said they would not wait for a webpage to load if it took more than two seconds.

Therefore, by employing NVMe SSD storage to optimize the website, one can make sure that it loads quickly enough to keep people on the site while simultaneously speeding up back-end activities.

Utilizing NVMe SSD with WordPress hosting might completely alter the user experience for your visitors, especially if you’re using a content management system like WordPress.

2. Better NVME SSD Storage for SEO Optimization

We can see how automation and artificial intelligence are developing day by day. Modern technologies are being used by search engines to deliver better and quicker results to people everywhere.

A high ranking in Google’s search results can result in a website receiving a ton of traffic. But in order to do this, one must have relevant content and a WordPress hosting with NVMe SSD storage that can support any traffic that Google may deliver.

Both of these needs are satisfied with NVMe SSD hosting, which also helps with your website’s back-end operations.

NVMe SSD WordPress hostings are also essential to guarantee that your effective SEO strategy truly works because of the 20x read and write speed of NVMe SSD compared to HDD.

3. Reliability

The dependability of the website’s uptime is a crucial aspect of employing NVMe SSD storage.

Small company owners that depend heavily on their WordPress hosting websites for sales may experience a loss of income when their websites are offline.

When huge business giants have a serious WordPress hosting issue that causes the collapse of their websites, millions of purchases are never made.

Regular HDD hosting’s unpredictable nature causes not only financial losses to enterprises but also inefficiencies in their day-to-day operations.

These significant issues for corporate websites are resolved by using NVMe SSD storage hosting since NVMe SSD servers experience less than 0.01% annual downtime.

Additionally, since companies keep all of their customer’s data on their servers, the danger associated with the disk’s lifespan might cause them to worry.


In addition to being dependable and quick, NVMe SSD storage with WordPress hosting enhances the value of the information and SEO on the business website and helps your SEO team’s efforts to rank the website.

If you want to start your WordPress hosting right now, Exabytes is the best option you have in Malaysia. To find out more, contact us now.

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