Inspiring The Next Generation at the Penang International Science Fair 2022


Penang International Science Fair 2022

It’s been two years! Penang International Science Fair 2022, also known as PISF 2022 is back!

As the biggest science fair in Penang, Penang International Science Fair 2022 aims to provide more exciting and meaningful learning experiences to inspire the young generation in science and technology.

It was held in six different hubs over Penang Island and Mainland to present a variety of activities, such as career talks, workshops, competitions and others.

Exabytes was extremely excited and geared up to be a part of PISF2022 and this year, we prepared three hands-on workshops with a learning kit for students and visitors to broaden their knowledge on digitalisation in an interesting way.

Station 1: Learning How to Structure A Website

The first steps and basic knowledge to structuring a website with a learning kit.

Station 2: Learning How to Compress A Picture

Learn how to achieve faster website speed by compressing image size.

Station 3: Experience The Building of a WordPress Website

Exploring the fun of building a website by WordPress features drag and drop.

In addition to the fun hands-on workshops we have prepared, Exabytes was also invited by PISF 2022 to share more about career insights and opportunities within the company, as well as advice and expertise by our HR team on resume writing and interview tips with secondary students.

Alana Lee, Exabytes HR Specialist sharing her experiences for the students.

Group Photo Session: Say Cheese!

The  team at Exabytes had a wonderful time and experience at PISF2022 and we want to thank everyone who spent some time with us learning about going digital. We hope you had  a great learning experience with us and we look forward to seeing you again at the next Penang International Science Fair!

For more pictures, head on to our official Facebook Page HERE!

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