SME DigitalFest 2020– The Future of Digital Transformation


Hey guys! The very first Online SME DigitalFest is coming very soon! Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we decided to shift the SME DigitalFest 2020 from a physical event to an ONLINE event.

So don’t worry! You’ll still be able to learn from in-depth discussions and gain a thorough understanding of the development and specific current business challenges, opportunities and trends.

Just in case you are not sure what SME DigitalFest 2020 is all about, here is a quick intro:

Organized by the Exabytes Group, SME DigitalFest is an effective platform for Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs), relevant industry players and experts to gather and have in-depth discussions to gain a thorough understanding of the development, challenges, opportunities and trends of the business.

Many don’t realize the importance of digital transformation until the COVID-19 Crisis.

Traditional industry structures and business models are being disrupted by the innovation of new products and services, changing cost structures, lowering barriers to entry and shifting value pools. Companies need to re-imagine how to create, distribute and capture value in this new environment. Navigation requires holistic and sustained insight and intelligence.

Just like the theme of SME DigitalFest 2020 suggests, it’s time to double down on digital transformation and start/expand your business online!

Check out the speaker of the event:


and many more upcoming!

Don’t wait! Register now to join our Online SME DigitalFest 2020! ADMISSION is 100% FREE!

Event details:

  • Date: 30 March – 3 April 2020
  • Time: 0900 – 1600pm
  • Venue: Webinar
  • Official website:

If you are looking to learn everything about Digital Transformation, how to shift from offline to online, you should join this momentous event! Register now at: !

See you online!

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