Penang International Science Fair 2019


Spend your weekend with us!

It’s that time of the year again! Penang International Science Fair (PISF) is an important annual event for science lovers, technology enthusiasts and electronic mavens. The 8th Penang International Science Fair is organised by the Penang Science Cluster. The public will witness and experience first-hand the showcase from various electronic companies on their technology and the science behind the products they manufacture. 

Are you ready for this year’s science fair and its latest edition, the ‘Coolest Projects’ competition, the first in Asia? The competition involves visual programming, games, web, mobile apps and hardware. What’s more exciting is that we have some surprises and fun activities waiting for you! Here’s a tip – Read until the end of the post to know what’s coming (so you can prep yourself to win)!

This year, Exabytes has prepared 3 games and 2 workshops together with Gogokids. Winners will get to spin the lucky wheel and bring the gift home!


1) Hotwheels on the run 

All you have to do is to pedal the generator prepared with your hands in order to move the toy car. 

2) Hydraulic Maze 

Participants pump each of the syringe to lift the respective edge of the maze and allow the ping pong ball to roll to the destination.

3) The Robot Assistant

Participants use the controller provided to control the robotic arm to grab the cubes and place them in a container.


1) Slime Workshop – 2nd Nov 2019 (Sat) 2pm-4pm 

2) Popsicle Stick Sailboat Craft – 3rd Nov 2019 (Sun)  2pm-4pm 


Check out the event details:

Date & Time:

2 & 3 November 2019 (9.00am – 6.00pm)


SPICE Arena, Penang.

Booth No:


We encourage all parents to bring their children to participate in this event because believe us, we have some truly amazing giveaway that you have been waiting for. It will definitely be a weekend to remember!

Are you up for the challenge? Mark your calendar! See you there!  

For further details on the event, please visit

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