An area not ventured by many, has the virtual world come around as the latest common? How versatile and how far can we go with the virtual world? Are virtual events our latest “outings”?

Online possibilities and what are your choices?

You may think to yourself, what are the choices and possibilities I have by going virtual? How can it benefit me?

Setting up a website these days is a step that is simpler than you expect. Services are ever ready to be offered to you at affordable and cost-effective prices. Owning a website indirectly leads you to having your own domain name, creating opportunities for your brand name to be known.

The world was hit with a sudden pandemic and everyone was organically led to a spontaneous change in our daily lives. Difficult as it is, as we start off with changes on how we live and lead our lives, then we were brought to what was identified as an “issue” initially – our jobs that bring us income! Places are being locked down to fight the spread of this pandemic. How does one go to work? Or do we still go to work?

Instantly, we were made to learn and familiarise ourselves with the virtual world. Operating online has come as one of the main key points in ensuring safety. Businesses have opted for work-from-home policies, where most of us are holding meetings and discussions virtually. 

Blessed we are in this day and time where technology is advanced and miraculously plays an important part to our daily functionality. For survival, businesses started to see that a solution to survive is to operate online – create an online store. When a movement control order is being imposed, physical shops are forced to stop operating or suffer low traffic, and the only way to continue operating is to go online.

Setting up an e-commerce website is now a breeze with the services available. Starting off an online store costs as low as less than RM100 a month, and you can start selling online in 3 days. Listing your products online is easy and you can reach out to customers from all areas. An online store broadens your visibility and helps you create awareness.

Changes started to set themselves in, taking things online started to realise great possibilities

Events big and small have had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, causing major loss in many businesses. Initially thought to be temporary, the issue is soon turning to be the new norm. Individuals and businesses are learning and realising that the virtual world is a whole new “playground”, as you may call it, for one to venture into, and expand our businesses and activities.

Events re-imagined, businesses started seeing possibilities. Their world became borderless!

Large-scale events have been re-imagined online during this pandemic. Many businesses took things virtually and expanded.

“We’re going for an event but not actually going per say” was heard rather commonly as the world started going virtual. Sooner than expected, people started familiarising themselves with this trend and they started seeing possibilities coming, their world got bigger!

The potential of virtual gatherings – See the increase in participation!

Virtual gatherings being borderless, it started to attract a wider range of attendees. People from near and far are brought together, attending global events became possible with just a click. Though physical networking and meet-ups are reduced, opportunities to network remains and are taken virtually.

Many may think that conversation, network and connection will be on the downside of not being able to attend events physically, but this has been taken care of and supported by the features of chat function on video calls. Sharing of resources, reflective and supportive comments are very much being shared through this.

Increased dependency on technology to support business continuity

Big scale events such as the Adobe Summit, hosting thousands of delegates each year in Las Vegas have taken themselves online in May this year. The famous Europe Cannes Lions advertising festival went virtual too this year, with its new branding Lions Live.

There has been increased dependency on technology to help support business continuity. Businesses are taking the virtual path organising live streamed events as a marketing tool. Sharing sessions, talks and conferences moved online. Virtual events are mostly being made free of charge resulting in a higher number of participants. Sub-events addressing different countries with different languages according to their timezone is now possible. The virtual format can provide a greater scale which will lead to more actions as a result.

Source: Going livestream: How in-person summits have become virtual events

Attending events made possible and simpler!

Aside from the business scene, fun and live events have taken a turn and gone virtual too! Weddings, birthdays and proposals are being celebrated virtually these days, with families and friends invited and participating online. When travels are not possible, technology has enabled invitees from around the world to all come together, at once, to celebrate and witness the special moments of their loved ones. 

Sparking creativity – Taking virtual events a step ahead

On a different level, techies and the virtually-fluent have taken “going virtual” a step ahead. Major events such as National Day celebrations and weddings are being organised on game platforms such as Minecraft. Game partners and team members gather in the world of Minecraft where they hold an official wedding ceremony with guests, emcee and “venue” decorations.

Minecraft Malaysia has recently received a sponsorship from Exabytes for an upgrade to their existing server. The popularity of Minecraft has grown and exceeded the tolerance and capacities of its existing server, causing lag moments as the number of users climb. The capped capacity of its server has caused restrictions to players resulting in expansion failure. 

As a support and encouragement towards the virtual world, Exabytes has stepped in to provide a smoother journey for gamers which in turn, brought along players from around the world, as compared to only Malaysian prior to the upgrade. With professional technical support from the Exabytes team, players can now enjoy a plain-sailing journey in their game, enhancing their game momentum.

What has the virtual world brought you?

The virtual world has brought upon creativity, possibilities and opportunities. How virtual have you gone? What are your virtual possibilities? 

Growing businesses online was known to be a benefit for larger companies in the past, but today, small and medium businesses have ventured into the virtual world and expanded. The virtual possibilities are endless. Give your business a chance to try!


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