How to Catapult Your Business with Facebook? – EEC 2017 (Part 2)


eec 2017 crowd at Magic cyberjaya hallThe sharing session with Esther Zhen from Uniqueens was a great one for us.

Focusing more on shoes in her business, Esther shows a great passion towards her business.

She also shares with us her journey towards creating a fashion e-commerce business during the recent Exabytes eCommerce Conference.

How She Started Her Business?

Esther ZhenAfter her sharing of operating a store at the night market, Esther explained how she first opened her physical fashion store in Autocity, Penang.

It was an offer that she couldn’t turn down as it is a great opportunity for her to grow her business.

But she also admitted that it was from there she experienced the ever growing obstacles and issues that sometimes made her wanting to cry.

To Compete Against the Competitors

Esther Zhen sharing in magic cyberjayaThere were just too many similar products sold out there by her competitors.

She also needed to find a manufacturer to produce her products in order to compete against the competitors around her.

Things to consider were aplenty before deciding on the manufacturer that was going to produce her products as it was a huge investment that could cost her a lot of money.

Build Up Own Identity and Appearance

It was that time when she decided to concentrate on improving her social media presence.

She started to spread brand awareness around her friends and market her products to her social media followers.

Esther Zhen instgram

This journey also taught her not to give up on failed sales when selling her products online.

While doing all these, Esther also spent time giving others online fashion tips through her social media, which improved her reputation.

The Smart Facebook Tips Shared by Esther

Esther Zhen received souvenir from exabytes

Using Facebook as the medium for promotion can sometimes be daunting.

There are many aspects that one should look into before deciding to promote your business on Facebook.

1. Fun Promotion

Esther went on to share the techniques she used on social media.

She would normally give promotion to her products along with some of the fun stuffs.

The fun stuffs are usually related to fashion and styles. This is to make sure her followers will not get bored with her posting.

2. Sharing Fashion Tips

Besides, she also shares fashion tips on her Facebook fan page to inspire others who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

3. Quality Posts

It all depends on the quality of the posts so if you are sharing valuable things that are worth to be spread around the social network, then you are nailing it successfully. 

Next, you must ensure that the images that you are posting are of high quality because a  picture speaks a thousand words.

After that, you should ensure the quality of your content so it does not go against your mission in promoting your business.

4. Be Aware

While you are using the social media platform, you have to be aware of the latest updates and the newest tools available that can be very valuable for you in terms of driving your business forward in the right way.

5. Influencers Marketing & Affiliation

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of online influencers and affiliation because they will reward you in unexpected ways.

Trying out on affiliation with a blogger might help to promote your business to more viewers out there who might be interested in your products.

The same happens when you invest in promoting your products via online influencers, who can help to get the word out more quickly.

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