Simple Steps to Perform a Full Website Backup


Performing a Full Website Backup


We know that your website and content are precious! They represent your business, and even help you to close a sales online. To perform a full backup of your website is EASY.

You have the option to back up your entire website using cPanel, or by downloading files through FTP and downloading database backup separately.

In this post, we will elaborate on a simple method to back up using a Backup Wizard in cPanel.


Using Backup Wizard
Step 1: Upon login to your cPanel account, select “Backup Wizard” under “Files” section to initiate Backup.

Step 2: You’ll see the Backup Wizard main page, which gives you the option to Backup or Restore your Files directly. Choose the Backup option.


Step 3: Next, you must choose either Full Backup or Partial Backup. If you choose partial backup, you’ll need to download the files separately. If you choose full backup, you’ll be able to download all rebootable files at once. We strongly recommend Full Backup.

Step 4: After selecting Full Backup, you’ll be directed to the Backup Configuration page. On the Backup Configuration page, set your Backup Destination to Home Directory as your default. Next, enter your Email Address. A notification email which contains the details of the backup will be sent to you when backup is completed. Next, click on “Generate Backup”.

Step 5: You’ll see a message that shows “Full Backup in Progress”. The time taken to complete a full backup depends on your total File size.

Step 6: You can find your files which are successfully backed-up in a list under “Backups Available for Download”. Download the files now and save them in a safe place.

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