I’m so bored with my current job. I hate my routine and robotic lifestyle. I want a change, a significant change.

Want a change? You are not alone.

We understand that not everyone is doing what they are passionate about. Many have a wilder dream to pursue. But how do you take the leap?

Wish to start your own company, but don’t know where to get started? Here is your chance to talking the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

At this much anticipated “Employee to Entrepreneur” event, you will be listening to the personal experience (including insightful tips) of those who left their jobs to work on a startup, and became successful.

We are pleased to announce that the CEO of Exabytes Venture has been invited as one of the speakers!

Clarence will be sharing with his audience how he transformed himself from an employee to a successful entrepreneur.

Join us for the best tips! Don’t miss out the chance to learn from successful entrepreneurs who left their jobs to pursue their dreams.

Admission is FREE! Register Today at: http://fi.co/e/69511

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