How SMEs Leverage Their Business via Exabytes B2B Workshop?


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The export scene has never been busier as August ushered in more SMEs who are proactively coming back to attend business events & workshops as we transitioned into endemicity.

This is evident as we witnessed the overwhelming participation of SMEs and B2B Business Owners who joined our latest B2B Cross Border Workshop —— [How I transformed from a Perlis businessman to a Multi-million Global Exporter]. 

Mr. Nordin sharing session in exabytes penang office

As the world slowly reconnects, SMEs and brand owners have been eagerly learning and get new inspirations from Mr Nordin, a 68 year old entrepreneur based in Perlis, who has successfully made whopping export sales worth RM 1.9mil with B2B E-Commerce platform. 

The workshop [How I transformed from a Perlis businessman to a Multi-million Global Exporter], concluded successfully on 11st August and it was a wholesome day filled with engagement and knowledge sharing on B2B Cross-Border E-commerce for Malaysian SMEs.

exabytes penang lobby office event

Mr Nordin had enthusiastically shared his stories on exporting and how he managed to sell different kinds of products throughout the world and penetrate global markets via, the world’s largest online commerce platform. 

Mr. Nordin also encouraged all the SMEs to discover new possibilities and utilize all the features on including keyword analysis, big data, real-time translation to leverage your business and identify your market effectively.

Nianci Phang

Also we had the opportunity to be graced by Ms. Nianci Phang, Head of Marketing, South East Asia, who shares with us the opportunities of how it can elevate your B2B business.

participant taking photo during event

She also unveiled the top 20 markets of main source countries of buyers and top 10 categories of products in the global market including food and beverages, agriculture, beauty and personal care, apparel, and etc.

event participant holding phone to snap slide show

On top of that, Nianci has shared various buyers’ portraits and how assists them on their business including helping them to build their brand reputation, low costing, open up new markets and develop new categories, and brought large order volume to their business.

exabytes speaker sharing about exporting business

Exabytes team also shared the know-how of success secrets, including what to take note of when it comes to big data, customizing your company mini-site at, how to enhance the product listings appearance and so on.

exabytes team provide consultation to participants

The event ended with a networking session where the SMEs had the chance to have personal one-on-one consultation with the speakers to explore their B2B business on journey & challenges.

exabytes sales provide consultation after event to customers

Through this insightful event, the participants got a better understanding of the current B2B market and how Alibaba can leverage their business by assisting them to access the global market with 20 million+ active buyers in 200+ countries/ regions. 

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Exabytes is committed to promote the digitalization of retailers and the whole ecosystem.

Hence, we will continue to organize more events in future to educate and nurture our retail industry towards the era of smart retail.

Last but not least, we want to thank all the participants who joined us and supported us throughout. 


Coming up next, we are having another B2B Cross Border event sharing on the topic of logistics and financing on 25 August and we urge those SMEs who are facing the related issue to participate now!

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