Why Hybrid Workplace is the Future of Work Trends in Malaysia


Hybrid Workplace the future of work trends

With the onset of the pandemic, remote working became the norm. Even after the lifting of restrictions, a large number of people prefer to work away from the office in the comfort of their house or another remote location.

People like to work in a hybrid workplace as it offers better work-life balance, it also fastens the pace at which new age digital workplace trends are adopted.

According to a recent study, Malaysian company executives find it hard to accept the setup of a hybrid workplace as a part of everyday business.

This could be in complete contrast to a significant number of Malaysian employees who want to work from anywhere and also have more in-person contact with their colleagues.

What exactly is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace is a concept that blends the flexibility of remote work with that of office work.

The benefits of creating hybrid workplace culture include increased employee productivity, enhanced work-life balance, implementing a digital workplace trend which also fosters digital transformation and cost savings.

To make  hybrid work arrangement a success, both employers and employees must recognize that they must adopt collaborative tools like Google Workspace that helps to work from anywhere.

How can employees work together in a hybrid workplace?

According to a Wakefield Research poll, about 47% of the employees would likely look for another job if their employer did not provide work from anywhere or a hybrid workplace.

So, it’s no surprise that 77% of organizations have already chosen to become hybrid workplaces, according to data from a recent April 2022 poll.

Furthermore, 56 percent of those businesses enable employees to select when and how frequently they wish to come to the workplace, balance their work-life and also choose when they would want to come to work.

This is being done by them without any impact to productivity, thanks to collaboration tools like Google Workspace.

In an office-first paradigm, employees are required to be present at fixed hours on all weekdays.

Working from hybrid workplace though may provide more freedom and better work-life balance, it requires all employees to come in sync with adaptable schedules and locales of all employees, along with the available time etc.

All these hurdles can be easily overcome with the help of Google Workspace tools like Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Sheets etc.

Google Workspace Tools

How does Google Workspace help employees work on a hybrid model?

During the last two years, chat and video meetings with the help of Google Workspace (GWS) have become a vital element of business, providing a bridge for dispersed colleagues to interact real-time.

It is a known fact that dispersed teams require a new form of dedicated, shared space as the world reflects on the lessons of a year in which many employees worked remotely.

This purpose is resolved with the help of Google Workspace where a dedicated place can be provided for projects linking the all the documents, people, and discussions in engaging and compelling ways.

Some Google Workspace tips that will help the hybrid model of work.

  1. Simplify communication by utilizing a team email list with GWS
  2. Using GWS calendars, you can stay organized
  3. Offer project or team spaces to team members on Google Workspace
  4. Store, share, and access team data from anywhere on the globe with the help of GWS
  5. Coordination of project plans and schedules on Google Workspace
  6. In a hybrid workplace, you can hold video meetings and remote events with team members on Google Workspace.

Simplify communication by utilizing a team email list with GWS

Create a group email list for your team using Google Workspace to facilitate communication to avoid sending individual emails to each contact.

Use group’s email address to provide status updates and share resources like Google calendars and Drive documents.

Using Google Calendars, you can stay organized

It can sometimes be difficult to schedule meetings in a hybrid workplace when one half the team works remotely, and the other half works from the office.

Google Calendar helps you stack the team members’ calendars in Google Calendar to see when everyone is available. 

One can also set up numerous Google calendars to monitor meetings, training, vacations, and other events.

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Offer project or team spaces to team members on Google Workspace

Encourage team members who work from anywhere to use Google workspace to stay connected by creating a space in Google Meet or Chat in Gmail.

Everyone who is connected to Google’s workplace can easily network with each other, share project ideas, discuss best practices, and build a deeper sense of community as GWS has covered all the bases for a hybrid workplace.

Store, share, and access team data from anywhere on the globe with the help of GWS

Save your team’s files in one folder in Google Drive and easily share them.

When someone makes a change, GWS Drive indicates in which files the changes have been done.

The team members may safely view the most recent data at any time and from any device with Google Workspace.

Coordination of project plans and schedules on Google Workspace

It may be tough to keep track of team projects and schedules, especially when deadlines change and tasks are added at the last minute.

GWS helps overcome this challenge easily as members of hybrid workplace may update their progress in real-time, rather than having to wade through everyone’s email updates.

It is easier to allocate responsibilities and manage ad hoc requests and change schedules when everyone has access to and updates the same project plan on Google Workspace.

You may also see the answers materialize in real-time.

In a hybrid workplace, you can hold video meetings and remote events with team members on Google Workspace.

Online video meeting

If you operate in a team that is spread across Malaysia, Google Workspace allows you to keep in touch from anywhere in the world, at any time, all from a computer or mobile device.

It is easy to join a Google Meet or Gmail video meeting to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on team projects, host virtual events, and more through Google workspace.

The pandemic has demonstrated that organizations can and must rely on their employees to be productive from anywhere and at any time with digital workplace trends.

Leaders would have to  develop a hybrid workplace strategy that blends the best of both physical and digital workplace trends.

People in Malaysia focus on a hybrid workplace because it works for both the employer and employees, and that’s why a hybrid work model is the future of work trends in Malaysia.

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