Exabytes Retro Annual Dinner Brought Us Way Back to the 1980s (Part 2)


As the serving of hot delicious Chinese New Year dishes continued, we knew that we had to get ourselves ready for the next award giving ceremony as well as more fun and exciting games – musical chairs and balloon stomp.

While all attendees were making noise chatting and mingling around, our emcee of the day Sau Hun interrupted by announcing the next program – Award Giving Ceremony for Employee of the Month (EOTM) 2012 as well as 5-Year and 10-Year Service Awards.

Going to the stage one by one, our 12 EOTM received their certificates and cash from CEO Chan, for their outstanding performance which raised the benchmark for all Exabees.

Following this was an even more prestigious award, Exabytes 5-Year and 10-Year Service Award!

Congratulations to Kevin Ooi and Chia Ying for grabbing the 5-Year Service Award, as well as KY Chan (Office Manager) and PY Ooi (Business Development Manager, Malaysia division) for grabbing the 10-Year Service Award!

We at Exabytes salute you for your immense dedication to the company.

Next, it’s the game that we had been waiting for, musical chairs. Around 10 chairs were arranged in a circle; Exabees walking around the chairs must race to sit down in one of them when the music stopped.

A simple game as it sounds, it was able create many fun and memorable moments for us to cherish.

While emotion was running high, the emcee introduced another game to further boost the atmosphere. Balloon stomp, a game that required each participant to tie an inflated balloon to one ankle was about to start.

To win, participants were to burst other participants’ balloons while keeping theirs intact when the signal to start was given. The person with the last intact balloon will be the winner!

To reward the person with the best ‘quickstep dance skills’, our 3 winners (the champion, first runner-up, second runner-up) would receive attractive prizes including vouchers, cash and backpacks.

Next, it’s time to for us to decide who dressed up the best for the night. Our Best Dressed Male and Best Dressed Female would both be rewarded with an iPad mini.

But in order to get nominated for this award, the person had to really stand out from the crowd in the costumes he or she wore!

Clement and Jerrick were proudly nominated for the male category, and Annie Ong and Candice for the female category. Check out their costumes!

Clement C (left), one of our nominees for Best Dressed Male

Jerrick Yeoh, one of our nominees for Best Dressed Male

Since there were two nominees for each category, both of them must ‘battle’ by dancing on the stage to win the heart of the audience.

Clement took a softer approach by doing his own old school dancing while Jerrick was more aggressive in his moves. Soon Annie and Candice took over the stage and entertained us with their slow but graceful dancing.

Showing off their dancing skills

Candice, one of our nominees for Best Dressed Female

Annie Ong, one of our nominees for Best Dressed Female

Best Dressed Male and Best Dressed Female

Congratulations to Clement and Candice, our Best Dressed Male and Best Dressed Female of the night for bringing home an iPad mini!

It was around 10.15 pm and the event had nearly come to a close. However, none of us was willing to leave our seats and say goodbye to each other, yet.

This was because the final round of lucky draw was about to begin! In this round, huge prizes such as two units of 42” Smart TVs, a Nikon camera, an EOS camera, a Dell laptop, an iPad, cash, etc were up for grabs!

Congratulations to all the winners for their extraordinary luck!

Finally, the clock struck 11! Before bidding farewell to each other, we definitely didn’t want to miss the chance to capture the beautiful night.

After posing for the group photos, many lucky winners brought their prizes home which marked the beginning of auspiciousness in the year of the Snake!

Exabees wish to extend a special thanks to our organizing committee for making this event such a memorable and enjoyable one!

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