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Ecommerce business

Gone are the days when a shop or a brick-n-mortar set up with a simple product website could get visibility for a business.

Today is an era of web design Malaysia’s style is a fundamental requirement for e-commerce sites to become full-fledged eCommerce businesses.

Providing the best website design is a commitment given by several creative website design studios who help build everything from a basic online store, and an eCommerce marketing website to great business websites.

Why leverage website design Malaysia’s advantage to develop an ecommerce business?

Small-and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have been getting more and more popular in the eCommerce world. B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce is one of the fastest growing segments due to innovative companies like Amazon.

SMEs in Malaysia have a high adoption of sophisticated technologies which ranked fourth out of nine APAC countries surveyed, and third in embracing Industry 4.0 innovations, leading to digital platform implementation in Malaysia.

Approximately 61% of local SMEs are optimistic that e-commerce platforms will play a part in helping them increase their revenue.

However, there are also several cybersecurity issues to be wary of, including the increase in cybercrimes and data breaches.

These days, Malaysian companies are using technologies more effectively to keep their websites safe from malicious malware. In addition, they’re able to target a broader customer base and create brand awareness for new potential customers.

Introducing e-commerce to the internet allows for faster purchasing and shipping. This trend has led to a spike in the demand for ecommerce website design, and the pandemic has meant an even larger number of customers shifting to e-commerce sites, product websites, ecommerce marketing websites, etc. to make online purchases.

A cursory online search will list thousands of ecommerce website examples designed by ecommerce website consultants or an ecommerce website design agency who help creating great business websites with brilliant web design ideas.

All this also means website design Malaysia prices are cheap and attractive.

For a business to do well and have a multiplier effect, reaching the widest possible audience with a website name – be it a basic online store or a product website, is imperative.

Exabytes Malaysia offers arguably the best ecommerce platform which aids businesses in setting up an online store with an attractive website design.

We have a wide range of ecommerce business website examples that can be used as a starting point or a reference to base an online store design for website development to create an ecommerce marketing website.

Reasons for Setting Up an Ecommerce Business

1. Internet is where the money is!

In Malaysia, 82.9 percent of mobile users use their devices to shop online in 2020. In Malaysia alone, ecommerce business owners made about US$6 Billion from their e commerce site and product website.

The entire website design Malaysia ecosystem has some very skilled ecommerce web developers who have some amazing website design ideas and ecommerce website design experience to help new age ecommerce business owners and traditional storefront owners to make a move in the online world of internet business.

Every business is competing and racing with each other to garner a part of the economy and market share.

Enterprises are missing out on the greatest opportunity to develop by not being online with eCommerce marketplace and without even a basic online store.

2. Easy for prospects, convenient for returning customers

An ecommerce business website with some creative website design powered by the best ecommerce platform is just what an enterprise needs to run great business websites.

When a prospect or a customer has to visit a shop or a supermarket in-person, it is a lot of effort and energy spent.

A tired and distracted customer is not a great shopping prospect. A business would also have an audience who are different abled or deal with health challenges which prevents them from visiting a store.

The many e commerce sites are examples of a website name which helps a business cater to the widest and most inclusive range of prospects to increase their sales.

An e-commerce business setup that is supported by a website with an attractive website design and created by a skilled web developer will always have an advantage over traditional offline business endeavours.

Rely on Exabytes Managed eCommerce Solution, our specialist will help you run your business online from the marketplace, payment solution and online advertising platform when issues arise.

3. Savings of great business websites with cheap hosting versus a traditional physical store

If you look deeper, it does not take much to start a basic online store and then work with an ecommerce web design agency to create an ecommerce website design and host an ecommerce business website name.

With some good research, entrepreneurs and businesses can identify cheap domain and hosting providers with the best ecommerce platform to run their ecommerce business website.

The best web hosting providers also offer 24 x 7 x 365 tech support to ensure businesses don’t have to worry about running or managing their great business websites.

Offline business or those entrepreneurs who only have a shop or a physical store. These are places which a customer must visit in-person and then shop for whatever is required.

There are several limitations to a physical store including limited space, being able to target and cater to only local audience, and a long list of costs.

Unlike a product website or an ecommerce marketing website, a brick-n-mortar setup has to bear expenses like permits and local licenses, store décor and furniture, high real estate rents / long term lease, a higher number of maintenance an sales staff and other such costs.

Overall, the cost of paying for web design Malaysia, an ecommerce web developer, ecommerce website consultants to create an online store is much lesser compared to the costs of a physical store.

4. Anytime Anywhere on Demand Shopping – The ease of an ecommerce marketing website

Malaysia has an ever-increasing number of tech savvy, digitally educated and literate population who are constantly searching for the best promotions and deals to shop for their preferred brands. 

A mobile penetration of 140% (which means more than 1 mobile per individual) and close to 30 million people with access to internet and 80% of the online shoppers between the age bracket of 16 to 64 makes it a no brainer to have the best possible product website and ecommerce business setup to cater to this market.

Setting up e commerce sites, mobile friendly basic online store with an attractive web design appeals to online shoppers, especially when 25% of all online shopping is done through mobile phone.

When an ecommerce business makes it easy and convenient for people to shop from the comfort of their house or favorite couch, people tend to spend more making it even more important have some great business websites with the best online store website design.

Exabytes is Malaysia’s leading web hosting service provider offering cheap domain name and hosting plans for all uses – cPanel website hosting, business hosting, ecommerce hosting with the most professional technical support team available 24x7x365.

Build Your Ecommerce Website

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