Maximizing Retail Success: OMO Strategies for Double 11


Double 11 Early Boom!

Spurred by the government-issued Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers after the pandemic, the Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2021, which coincided with the anniversary, started ahead of schedule at the end of October 2021.

Brands that worked with 91APP made a terrific beginning over the festival.

Among them, the online retailer GMV hit a new high in the first week (Oct 29-Nov 4, 2021). Many D2C retailers had their single-day revenue exceed 10 million yuan, and some even registered a 30-fold hike in revenue compared with their usual performance.

Undeterred by the impact of the pandemic, 91APP OMO store brands grew by 19.8%

In 2021, after experiencing the third-level lockdown of the pandemic, the sales performance of many brands at that time even fell to less than 30%, and the annual performance was severely reduced.

However, after working with 91APP to introduce OMO, their GMV in 2021 grew by 19.8% (January-October 2021), and some brands had even doubled their performance against the trend.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the OMO brand industries that have grown against the trend include women’s clothing, shoes and bags, outdoor products, beauty care, bedding, general merchandise, etc.

Because of the introduction of OMO, brands have access to all-channel data and services, and brands can flexibly schedule e-commerce/store operation strategies to stabilize performance during the pandemic and accelerate.

The important value of OMO to brands is to consolidate member loyalty. The following shares the data insights of the “91APP Retail Research” released in 2021 and analyzes how brands can encourage customer spending through OMO membership operations this year and Double 11.

The annual consumption of OMO members is 3.6 times that of single-channel members

OMO members who shop both online and offline have much higher annual consumption amount and annual consumption frequency than single-channel members who only purchase online or in-store.

Upon working with 91APP to introduce OMO’s store brand, the average annual consumption of OMO members in the past year has reached 8,114, which is 3.6 times that of members who only purchase in-store and 6.8 times that of members who only purchase online.

Not only the “91APP Retail Research“, but also Google’s official research data has this conclusion: Compared with single-channel consumers, the consumption power of omnichannel consumers is as high as 7 times, showing the consumption potential brought by OMO.

The reason why some brands have not experienced significant growth in performance after introducing OMO is that there are not enough OMO members. If store members only consume in-store and online members only place orders online, the performance of OMO will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, 91APP provides mechanisms such as store coupons and store pickup, and encourages in-store sales rep referrals to help brands promote members to visit and consume across channels and increase the number of OMO members and their overall consumption contribution.

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omo 6 steps to promote

6 Steps to Promote OMO:

Step 1

system open up omo infrastructure

Step 2

download in-store sales reps

Step 3

run marketing activities

Step 4

digital advertising tips

Step 5

special events to promote

Step 6

fusion and accelerate to promo omo

To increase the consumption of OMO customers, it’s a must for customers to download the APP

Customers and members who have downloaded the APP increase their annual consumption amount by 92% compared with members who have not downloaded the APP. Moreover, the average annual consumption frequency is 2.55 times (members who have not downloaded the APP only consume 1.46 times on average).

We see a similar trend across many brands. Members who download the APP are not only highly loyal but also make cross-channel repeat purchases.

OMO Consumer Cross-Channel Behaviour

On average, one-third of customers browse products through an app before shopping at a physical store.

October is the anniversary of the store brand, and the question is how to attract foot traffic to come to spend at the physical store? It is very important to use the APP to increase the number of regular customers and members.

“91APP Retail Research” found that 33.6% of customers will open the APP to browse the products within seven days before going to the store for shopping, which is much higher than the official website (only 4.1%). For the many clothing, shoes and bags brands that work with 91APP, their customers will browse the APP before shopping in the physical store.

According to 91APP’s years of experience in guiding store brands to introduce OMO, APP is an important channel for guiding customers into the store. Brands can notify members about new products and discounts through the APP, attract them to enter the store, and increase store customer flow.

On the contrary, for store brands that do not attract customers through their APP, the flow of customers to the physical store largely depends on advertisements or foot traffic.

In the first week of Double 11, brands rely more on APP push notifications focusing on accurate communication

Because APP is a high-converting member traffic pool, brands rely more on APP to guide the shopping flow. This year alone is the first week of Double 11 (10/29~11/04), and 91APP partner brands sent a total of 240 million push notifications, an increase of 70% over the same period last year.

Among the 240 million push in the first week of Double 11 this year, 27.5% of the push were made by members. 91APP provides brand first-party data, allowing brands to select members with different attributes and focus on accurate communication.

For example, a department store brand working with 91APP took advantage of the anniversary to send push notifications for weekly discounts for the regular customers of department stores in the north, central and south, and the sales of certain stores increased by more than one million.

Conclusion: The epic combination of OMO+APP kickstarts the membership economy in the Q4 shopping season!

Through the observation of this year’s anniversary and Double 11, we found that using OMO to open up omnichannel services and APP to cultivate members’ cross-channel consumption is the winning formula for this year’s shopping season.

Through this “91APP Retail Research” data insight, we have compiled the following recommendations:

● Provide a smoother cross-channel consumption experience: store sales; new customers on the official website; APP as a member traffic pool; LINE provides one-to-one online services and surrounds consumers in an all-round way

● More in-depth membership management: Encourage members to download the APP, and promote cross-channel consumption of members in the future

● More accurate personalized shopping guide: Utilize the first-party data of the brand, grasp the profile and behavior of members, and provide personalized marketing information and store sales services.

91APP OMO Solutions Accelerate Brand Transformation and Produce Great Results!

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It has been adopted by many well-known, leading brands. 91APP provides a complete system and connectivity, OMO coaching, thereby reducing the cost of entry.

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