Going Freelancing? 12 Tips & Tools Help Boost Your Productivity


Going freelancing

Smart freelancers construct portfolios for their freelancing professions, and there are several choices for part-time and full-time freelancing.

Online courses, coaching engagements, podcasts, expert networks that pay for information sharing, newsletter subscriptions, and micro-community creation are all new avenues for freelancers to earn money, network, and promote their brands.

Time management and efficient production are critical components for any freelancing professional.

As the sole provider of your own income, you understand that time is money, and that productivity is critical.

However, it is often assumed that working on a freelancing job implies essentially remaining at home in pajamas.

Of course, like any other works, there may be distractions which might side track a freelancer while working on a freelancing project.

Recognizing the significance of information accessibility, regardless of whatever tool you’re currently using for your freelancing job, the majority of the best tools for freelancers interact with other popular tools for freelancers.

Here are five tips to help you succeed in your freelancing career:

1# Take Your Freelancing job Seriously

You are operating a business once you become a full-time freelancer.

As a result, you should establish ground rules for how you operate it. Your rules might include the following:

How do you complete your Freelancing projects Do you have set phases?

For example, if you are a content writer, do you provide the freelancing client with preliminary layouts for approval before moving on to the final blog?

You should be the one who decides how you work, how your projects are broken down, and how they are delivered.

2# Concentrate on clients that require a large number of your freelancing services.

It will be a lot easier if you and the customer get to know one another over the course of several freelancing assignments.

You become an expert in their field; you speak the same language; they know they can count on you.

3# Get Used to Money Talk

This may be difficult for some at the beginning of a freelancing career, but you must learn to speak about money plainly and unemotionally.

In certain circumstances, especially with new clients, you should have a “money discussion” before spending time creating estimates.

4# Always be trustworthy and reliable 

Clients rely on you. They may base subsequent meetings or processes on your output.

Don’t make them fail by missing a freelancing job deadline committed to. 

Do not inform at the last minute to request extra time.

Sometimes a customer will request a job with an unreasonable timeline.

Accept the project only if you believe you can meet the deadline.

5# Aim to deliver at a professional level

As a freelancer, you must have sufficient expertise in your freelancing field to match customer expectations.

In general, this entails narrowing your focus (you can’t be an expert in everything) and expressing that emphasis to prospects to guarantee a good fit when they approach you.

Now that you know the tips where you can improve yourself in freelancing, let’s get to know the tools that can help you with your freelancing job.

Here are six tools that will help you succeed in your freelancing career.

6# Calendar Tools

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Since most people are aware of Google Workspace, Google Calendar is the gold standard and one of the best calendar management applications for freelancing jobs – especially now that they’ve released additional features focused on business use cases.

2# Cloud Storage Tools 

Google Drive Interface

Google Drive

Nowadays, everyone has a Google account, and Google Workspace gives access to its suite of software tools, including Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Freelancers can easily exchange material on Google drive.

3# Communication Tools

Google Meet 

Google Workspace provides a variety of tools for communication, from Google Chat to Google Meet, you can use any tool for communication.

Google Chat and Google Meet are popular and used by a significant number of people – be it freelancers, or people giving out freelancing jobs.

Microsoft Teams

Instant messaging, online video conferencing are tools which are most widely used for freelancing jobs – be it by a freelancer or those looking for a freelancer.

Microsoft teams have all the features, like Asana where you can connect with clients, other partners and stakeholders.

4# Project Management

Google Workspace GWS Connect Anytime Anywhere

Google Workspace

A program management professional has to be in constant touch with all their stakeholders.

This includes freelancers outside of their organisation.

Google Workplace is an effective project management tool one can use.

Be it scheduled calls, recurring follow-ups, schedule meetings on the calendar, share files on Google Drive, and many other activities – Google workplace enables collaboration, especially amongst the freelancers and the freelancing jobs community.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft teams

Microsoft 365 offers apps like Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and many more than makes it easy to organise work and execute all deliverables.

Microsoft 365 also offers Microsoft Teams – a very handy app for freelancing as it enables rapid collaboration among individuals and groups by offering video conferencing and instant messaging and will make your work easy with team chat and video call facilities. 

5# Contracting and legal paperwork for freelancing

Working without a contract or a set of conditions and agreements is a beginner’s error that many freelancers engaged in freelancing jobs make.

A written contract not only helps to identify you as a professional but also protects you by establishing a boundary between you and the client – and it helps to guarantee that you are appropriately compensated for your freelancing time and skills.


HelloBonsai - Invoice software for freelancing

Bonsai is contract generation and invoicing software program that allows freelancers to easily construct contracts, review (and edit) them with freelancing clients, and legally e-sign them when they are ready.

Fill-in-the-blank templates, in fact, make the procedure far less perplexing than having to build or amend the document without any context!

6#Finance Tools


For freelancers with clients in foreign countries, receiving payment by bank transfer can be expensive and time-consuming.

In a freelancing job, most freelancers want to get paid as soon as the freelancing project or freelancing job has been completed.

PayPal helps a freelancer and those looking for people to pick up freelancing jobs exchange payments instantly.

It is accessible in over 200 countries, supports 25 currencies, and is widely regarded as extremely secure.

PayPal is also incredibly adaptable, with many internet retailers using it as a payment mechanism.


Scaling your freelancing is significantly simpler with the greatest freelancing tools and tips.

To be productive, invest time in setting up these tools like Google Workspace and learning about the most appropriate tools for your freelancing, which can earn you a lot of money.

If you are a freelancer Malaysia and want to set up a tool like Google Workspace or Microsoft Office for your freelancing business, Exabytes can help you in no time to connect, create and collaborate effortlessly with your freelancing team.

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