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Most of you may not be aware of WordCamp, but if you are serious about enhancing and optimizing your WordPress site, you should join the community of WordPress to get more inspiration and ideas to work on better web experience for your website visitors.

At WordCamp, you can extend your knowledge of WordPress platform, make connections, and learn about new tools, tricks, and tips.

WordCamp 2018

If you are reading about WordPress recently, you may have heard of WordCamp.

WordCamp is held around the world in different locations. The main idea of WordCamp is to gather WordPress enthusiasts and those who are new to WordPress to have a more in-depth of usage and functions of WordPress.

The goal: To share knowledge, grow the platform’s capabilities, and make personal and professional connections.

Yes, it’s fun at this event!

Who should attend WordCamp?

Anyone who is interested in how WordPress works is welcomed to attend a WordCamp and should be able to find something that you need at the event. You don’t need to have the skills on WordPress to join this event.

Types of people who should attend WordCamp;

Web Newbies.

If you’re new to WordPress, what’s the better way to learn about the platform through the community? You’ll be able to learn from experienced users & developers to achieve your goals.

Current WordPress Users
If you’ve been using WordPress to power your website, you are encouraged to meet up other enthusiasts to enhance your knowledge and secure your website better before any disaster that could happen to your website.

Developers & Designers
For anyone who customizes WordPress themes and plugins, WordCamps is the best place to exchange skills & knowledge. You’ll be able to make connections with potential collaborators and clients.

Where To Get The Latest Update About WordCamp?

The first WordCamp was held in San Francisco. However, you can now find WordCamps all over the world.  If you’re interested in attending one of these events nearby and the next event, you may just refer to WordCamp.org

WordCamp location

Exabytes participation in WordCamp

We are a Malaysia web hosting company, who provide domain name, server, website design and digital marketing. We provide All-in-One solution to grow your business online. It’s the affordable online solutions for any types of business!

This is the 2nd time Exabytes MY is participating as a sponsor for WordCamp Kuala Lumpur. Next weeks will be the big day of WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2018.

We are also the proud sponsor for WordCamp Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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WordPress Hosting

WordCamps are the perfect way to meet, learn and collaborate with other WordPress users and developers.

It’s time to enhance your WordPress skills and be updated with the new features of WordPress. See you at this event, and feel free to visit our booth to claim a FREE T-Shirt from us. Register your tickets here!

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