Exabytes Enterprise as Networking Lunch Partner at Future of Cybersecurity Summit (FOCS) 2024


Future of Cybersecurity Summit (FOCS) 2024 group photo

Reflecting on the 8th of May 2024, Exabytes had the privilege of attending the Future of Cybersecurity Summit (FOCS) as a Networking Lunch Partner, organised by PIKOM.

It was an enlightening and enriching experience to engage with leaders and experts from diverse industries. The summit emerged as a resounding success, centered around the theme “Prevention Is Better Than Cure.”

This theme underscores the imperative for proactive cybersecurity measures, emphasising the necessity to mitigate security risks before they materialise, rather than relying solely on reactive strategies post-incident.

Future of Cybersecurity Summit (FOCS) 2024 event photo

Cybersecurity Landscape in Malaysia 2024 Report launched

At this event, PIKOM Cybersecurity Chapter and PIKOM Research Committee launched the Cybersecurity Landscape in Malaysia 2024 Report.

This report presents findings from a survey conducted by PIKOM as well as qualitative analysis by Sunway University and the University of Nottingham Malaysia from their respective interviews with representatives from private sector industries, government agencies, and civil society.

The research aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the current cybersecurity landscape and insights into industry responses to emerging challenges.

Future of Cybersecurity Summit (FOCS) 2024 panel discussion

Exploring AI Adoption in Cybersecurity

This event delved into proactive measures for organisations to bolster their cybersecurity posture, diminish the probability of successful cyberattacks, and mitigate the potential impact of security incidents upon occurrence.

A key highlight of the event was the discussion on “Exploring AI Adoption in Cybersecurity – Advantages and Challenges.” In today’s digital landscape, while AI offers convenience in our daily tasks, it also poses a significant threat to our cybersecurity systems.

During the panel discussion, speakers shared their insights and best practices for overcoming these cyber threats.

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