7 Reasons Why VPS Hosting Important for an Online Business


VPS Hosting Important for Online Small Business

What is VPS – Virtual Private Server

A virtual server or a virtual private server is a private server running its own software on a high-powered dedicated server, also called as a host machine. This is the first answer to “what is vps”.

Each private server created as a VPS has a separate allocation of processing power, server memory and disk space.

The best managed VPS hosting providers configure a virtual server to ensure they remain as secure as a dedicated server.

Why is VPS interesting to Small Businesses?

VPS or private servers play an important role in server choice of online small businesses. Before the days of VPS hosting, a business had to choose between a shared hosting service or a dedicated hosting.

An affordable VPS – be it Linux based VPS or unmanaged VPS hosting; is the golden middle between a cPanel hosting service and dedicated server hosting.

Most VPS Malaysia, private server or virtual server plans allow businesses to buy more than one VPS due to their low price point.

This is especially true for system integrators and application developers who need a Linux based VPS and a Windows SSD VPS depending on the app they build.

Also – it has been observed that after a purchase of a dedicated server, it is often under-utilized.

A virtual private server helps save costs in such scenarios – especially a free VPS or an affordable VPS.

VPS hosting has a lot of significant benefits for smaller businesses, and in this article, you’ll learn about the top 7 major benefits that help make the decision whether to go with VPS hosting worth it or not in 2022.

1. Lower Cost of Ownership

A virtual private server lets businesses rent the needed servers by spending less. This relieves them of the burden of owning and managing their own servers.

By renting a VPS server and then customizing it – businesses can derive maximum output at a minimal cost.

An affordable VPS from the best managed VPS hosting provider ensures the investment in a server is lesser than would be for a dedicated server to maintain and manage.

2. Server Control is with the Business 

A private server allows businesses the same benefits as that of a dedicated server. A virtual server gives the business complete control on the server but at lesser price. 

A shared hosting service might suffer from outages caused by other websites hosted on the same server.

A VPS Malaysia is setup as a private server with full security and operating system, just like a dedicated server.

A virtual private server remains unaffected from what happens within the hosting of other external parties.

3. Security

Be it an ecommerce business, a product website, an online business idea or a blog – everyone is concerned about security when hosting their data online.

A VPS or virtual private server allows your source and data files to remain hosted behind a secure partition unavailable to other clients of your service provider, that’s it is also called a private server.

The security afforded by VPS is comparable to owning your own dedicated physical server minus the investment.

The best managed VPS hosting plans come with 24x7x365 support and advanced security features.

4. Dynamically Scale IT with Business

Owning your own physical server means that you have to provision for growth even before the server is shipped to you.

With a private server, you can start as small as your business can afford, and grow as your business expands.

Irrespective of it being a Linux based VPS or a Windows SSD VPS – they are all scalable and can be upgraded or downgraded based on business requirements.

5. High Availability with VPS

The best managed VPS hosting providers offer high availability as a service. It means if there is a problem with the host of your private server, the VPS automatically moves to another host and starts functioning.

This is yet another answer to “what is VPS” i.e. a VPS is a highly available service.

Hardware can fail sometime or other. Smaller businesses cannot afford the luxury of two physical dedicated servers.

A virtual private server allows for higher performance and near 100% availability without the investment burden. This is also available with cheap VPS plans.

6. Outsource Technical Support

A managed VPS – be it VPS Malaysia or any other setup, comes with 24x7x365 technical support.

The best managed VPS hosting providers offer a wide array of services with their server management plans.

Even the most basic managed VPS plan includes OS installation, server monitoring, service monitoring and round the clock ticket support.

Advance plans come with much more including OS hardening and anti-threat firewall management.

7. Dynamic Reallocation of Resources

A virtual private server makes it possible for you to focus on the business. The technologies behind a virtual server are efficient and advanced.

They ensure control, security, portability, performance, availability and scalability of a private server, this makes it very user friendly.

Who Should Use VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

  • SaaS providers
  • Game makers
  • Developers or programmers who want to learn more, upload code to the host and ensure security – Does this answer the question ‘As a developer, on what ground do you choose a VPS?’
  • With a virtual server, you can freely install all kinds of programming languages ​​to deploy your application.
  • Companies grown beyond the need of shared hosting. This answers the question – ‘What is the right time to switch to VPS?’
  • Companies that require secure and affordable backup environment
  • Smaller businesses and medium enterprises that need the benefits of dedicated server but can’t afford dedicated server.

Is VPS Hosting Worth It?

Yes of course, VPS hosting is certainly worth it.

It’s essential to use VPS hosting if you have a small or medium-sized website and are looking for increased security, performance, and scalability while still being relatively affordable.

When it comes to scaling your fast-growing website or app, VPS hosting can be a cost-effective way to go.

When it comes to VPS Malaysia, Exabytes is one of the best-managed VPS hosting providers with affordable VPS plans starting at RM 25.50/month.

If you are unsure how much traffic you will get, this provides a good investment. It’s important to choose the right provider before jumping headfirst into something like this!

About Exabytes Malaysia

Exabytes is trusted by 16,000 customers all over South Asia. The virtual server plans include Linux based VPS , SSD Windows VPS and other VPS hosting options.

Exabytes offer VPS Malaysia and virtual server hosting loaded with the following features

  • Lighting-Fast Setup – virtual private server will be ready within a minute
  • High-Performance Hexa Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 24×7 technical support via email / live chat / remote access help

Our virtual server can be used across industries and purposes like for application development, eCommerce store and Software as a Service.

Connect with Exabytes if you wish to learn more about virtual private server for your business.

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