Why .ASIA Domain?


The Top-level Domain – .ASIA domain is the official designated regional domain on the Internet for Asia and the Pacific. In 2013, there were more than 455,000 .ASIA domains registered across 155 countries.  It’s time to secure your brand name before your competitors steal your business domain and sales.

What is .ASIA Domain ?

.ASIA is a domain extension sponsored by DotAsia Organisation. It is also a regional domain for companies, organizations and individuals that specifically have a target demographic market based in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

What Happens When Someone Registers Your .ASIA Domain?

  • Your competitors may steal your business.
  • Someone may cybersquat on your domain and sell it back to you at a much higher price in the future.
    *Cybersquat: Registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark.
  • The domain owner may build a website and ruin your business by publishing illegal or nasty content with your domain.
  • Your own brand and business reputation may be adversely affected.
  • Loss of potential clients, website traffic, market & reputation.

Benefits of Owning a .ASIA Domain

– Establish Connection And Build Your Identity
Increase affinity as well as a sense of belonging with Asian customers and build a strong business identity within the Asian community.

 – Create Your Presence And Mutual Agreement
Build trust with customers from various fast-growing Asia markets and greatly increase your sales conversion rate.

 – Secure Your Brand And Extend Your Potential Reach
Protect your company brand from being misused by third parties and improve search engine rankings for searches related to Asia.

Big Brands Already Secured Their .Asia Domains

Big brands or companies like Air Asia, IBM, Dell, Facebook and many others already secured their .Asia domains because of the huge potential they see in Asia. So what are you still waiting for? You can maximize your business potential with a .ASIA domain.

Here are some good examples:

Act FAST to prevent your .ASIA Domain from being GRABBED by your competitor or some ill-intentioned cybersquatters! Search your .ASIA domain here.

For more info about .ASIA domain, kindly visit our website:

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