How to make sure your password is strong?


Having a strong password protects you from cybercrime and at the same time you can have a safer online transaction. This will ease your workflow and also have a better and enhanced user-experience with other parties. Today we will share some easy tips on how to create a stronger password so that you prevent yourself from all the cyber security vulnerabilities out there.

Make sure you utilize all the keys in your keyboard including small letters and capital letters as well.

  • Variation
    Change your passwords frequently. Set a reminder to remind yourself to change at least once every 3 months. Make it as a habit would be recommended.

Another golden tips is that AVOID creating passwords that use :

  • Dictionary words
  • Sequences or repeated numbers: For eg: 123456, 111111, abcdefg
  • Personal information: Birthday, driver’s license, passport number

And last but not least do not tell or share your password to anyone.

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